Latest Design Trends For The Season Of Fall

Summer time has already said its goodbye, for now, and autumn air has replaced the surrounding. Homeowners who are looking for higher end properties that are located in the city would be eyeing for apartments that have the most seasonal aesthetics. Interior design as well as architecture trends do not evolve as fast as the fashion industry but there are specific styles and layouts that are gaining the interest of stylish buyers who have knowledge of interior designs.

According to the principal at GLUCK+, Charlie Kaplan, comparing that past and present New Yorkers, there is a big difference when it comes to their knowledge of good design and what positive things it can bring to them. The locals are now looking for spaces that have integrated as well as rich finish, there should be big light in the room and enough room for air to circulate. The floor plans should also be practical in order to create a whole space.

Many are still geared toward open layouts that are located downtown inside sleek new developments. Take for example the latest space that the interior design firm RDAI has intentionally created to be open and airy. The duplex is three bedroom located at 565 Broome Soho with a price tag of $14 million.

According to the artistic and managing director of RDAI, Denis Montel, in order to create spaces such as those, the kitchen should be located inside the living/dining area. They created the kitchen to have a façade that is made of ribbed wood in order to give it a distinct character. As soon as you close the door, there is no sign that a kitchen is behind it and it blends into the interior architecture.

Some homeowners are attracted to elegant sliding doors made of glass which makes it easier to make the space open when entertaining. Buyers are also looking for a house that has the top of the line technology with complete gadgets and appliances but they don’t want these details to disturb the home’s design. Just like the trend in interior design Bangkok, they want sleek fixtures that can be easily hidden away.


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