Latest Crackdown Could Have The Biggest Impact On Bangkok

Whenever one thinks of the bustling city of Bangkok, it is inevitable to think about the wonderful temples, the lively night life, the largest and busiest day and night markets and most especially the street food which is known all over the globe. These are the reasons why many tourists are attracted to visit the country, not to mention the free upgrade in Bangkok hotel deal that they find online at various times of the year. All of this might be the same except for the future of street food.

Almost everywhere you go, you will be engulfed by the sound of the cooking spices and the fresh seafood that are sizzling on the pan. You can see pad Thai being cooked by one vendor while another one is serving a steaming tom yum soup.

The street food in the country is not only patronized by locals but it is only one of the reasons why many foreign guests visit Thailand. According to an estimate, there are about 400,000 vendors that are currently operating in the metropolis.

The issue lies with the fact that many of these vendors are illegally operating and the carts are the reason why the streets are crowded, the hygiene on the road is questionable and problems arising from environmental concerns arose.

According to SBS, at the beginning of the year, WanlopSuwandee who is the chief advisor of the governor of Bangkok said that authorities are also on the process of eliminating street food stalls all over the 50 districts of the city.

He said that street vendors have claimed the pavement space for quite a long time already and since they have been allocated with proper space and products which they can sell legally, there is no reason for them to not perform the operation. All street vendors will have no choice but to move into the designated selling space. There will be no exceptions.

After the statement, Wanlop gave another opposing statement to CNN which says that the Bangkok Metropolitan Association are not banning street food in the roads covered by Khao San and Yaowarat but, in fact, they are encouraging the vendors by making sure they are following hygienic measures as well as by making sure traffic is not affected in these areas. This reorganization is better than a complete ban since many who are availing of the free upgrade in Bangkok hotel deal are excited to visit the country because of the well-known street food in the city.

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