Kawasaki To The Rescue Of Customers Who Were Scammed

India Kawasaki Motor has recently made a good move to make sure the goodwill on the brand remains untarnished by helping those who have been scammed by a Kawasaki dealer in Mumbai. India Kawasaki Motor decided to deliver more than 13 bikes to the scammed customers after the dealership where they paid money has scammed them. The said dealer was based in Navi Mumbai.

A special event was held in Pune by the Japanese bike manufacturer in order to deliver the motorbikes to the customers from Mumbai. The motorcycles that they were supposed to get have a price range of Rs 8 to 16 lakh. There are various models such as Versys 1000, Ninja ZX-14R, Z800 and many others.

The scamming incident was reported at the beginning of this year after several customers have complained that they have not received the motorbikes despite of the promised date made by the SNK Palm Beach dealership under Kawasaki. The dealer was located in Navi Mumbai. The sad fact is that those customers who purchased the bike through loans continue to receive deductions from their EMIs despite the fact that they have not been given the bike yet.

Kawasaki took charge and sent a notice to the dealer in order to settle the matter. They have ordered them to deliver the 13 bikes to their respective owners or they can give back the customer’s money but with an added interest. The notice gave the dealership a deadline of until August 31. The date has come and gone but the dealership was not able to comply.

Complications ensued after the public announcement that was issued by Kawasaki about the termination of the contract with SNK Palm Beach dealership last September 2, 2016. The termination was made after the company has discovered financial irregularities and complaints from customers who were not served. They also warned customers not to deal with the said dealership anymore. This is when the cheated customers got stranded because there are no concrete plans regarding their money or the motor bikes they are expecting thus they have decided to take actions legally. They filed a case against the dealer and Kawasaki as well.

Due to legal complications on the companies end, they were not able to deliver the motor bikes sooner but they have organized the event in order to do so. If you are looking for Kawasaki motorcycle for sale make sure that you are transacting with a trusted dealership.

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