Hull Royal Infirmary Closed Down Because Of Mice Problem

A unit inside the Hull Royal Infirmary was forced to close down after complaints have been received from patients who saw mice running inside the ward.

According to the patients, it was around 8 AM when they saw the creatures running around the day surgery unit of the Duchess of Kent.

Bosses from the hospitals said that they have already called a pest control team to handle the intrusion and as a result they have to postpone the operations scheduled for that day.

Julie Saunders was one of the visitors who saw the mice and she recounted that she was waiting for Jack, her son, to come and she was with about six other patients at the time when they saw the pest running around.

She added that his son was supposed to be getting the surgery that same morning and they were just waiting for them to be called in the waiting room as well as the longue area.

His son was the one who saw the mouse first and told her to look. She thought that her son was pulling a joke on her but when she looked, she saw one that is running out. She admitted that she saw about two but there are other patients who claimed that they have seen four.

After which the staff had to close down the entire unit and asked everyone to go home for the day. She admitted that this is the first time she had experienced such thing.

According to the NHS Trust, they are doing their best in order for the unit to be reopened soon.

Mrs. Saunders recounted that they have spotted the mice going around the day surgery unit on the morning of her son’s surgery. Because of the incident, the doctors have to reschedule the hand surgery of her son for another week.

The unit was closed overnight because they have to check of the mice have infiltrated the operating theatre in which case they have to clean everything. She admitted that she did not expect to see mice inside a hospital before.

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