How Trump’s Presidency Will Affect His Business Dealings

Tiah Joo Kim is a Malaysian developer who wanted to sell his vision to three of Trump’s children. After he has secured the support of the oldest children, Mr. Tiah was able to gain access to the inner sanctum to meet the man whose face was beamed all over the world through reality television show “The Apprentice”. Before the development can be branded with Trump’s name, Mr. Tiah also has to negotiate confidential agreements with Trump’s top lawyers and executives.

This was the way the business was done with Trump’s organization, tough and tiring. Trump Organization is a relatively small business but it has a big reach and an even bigger image particularly since Trump is about to sit as president of the United States. Trump Organization is under intense scrutiny whether there are potential conflicts of interest between being a president and being in control of a company.

According to an interview with New York Times, Trump still signs the checks because he wants to know what is happening in the organization. However Trump is now planning to remove himself and his daughter Ivanka from the company’s operations. Trump’s two sons, Donald Jr. and Eric as well as some of his trusted executives will be in charge of the organization. A tweet in mid-December said that no new deals will occur during Trump’s presidency and the president intends to keep his stake.

A close examination of the company has disclosed serious challenges because it operates according to Trump’s culture. Details of contracts may be left to his sons and executives but his name and influence will remain to be stamped on every deal. The sons have taken a leadership role but Trump still has the final say. The division between business and politics is somewhat fuzzy because of the president’s potential influence on business deals.

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