How To Renovate Your Bathroom Within The Budget

You have the capacity to earn back between 65 and 71 cents for each dollar that you spend doing your bathroom renovation. This is good news when you think about the fact that Canadians have shed out an average of $23,300 last year just to remodel their large bathrooms. This figure was published by Houzz. The fact is that not all remodeling projects are the same.

According to Pervan, it is not recommended that you take down your bathtub or aim to make your bathroom bigger by compromising a bedroom space if you are planning of moving within five years time. Young families who are looking for their first home will less likely to consider a home for sale that has very few bedrooms and no options for a small child that will use the bathroom. The goal should be to create a bathroom with an ambiance similar to that of a spa. This can be achieved by choosing color schemes that are soothing to the eyes, clean and modern lines as well as a finishing that is upscale looking.

For glass doors, it is usually custom made to fit your bathroom. The materials are also often custom order and this is the reason why renovators are not including it to the material list anymore. But according to Pervan, this is a cheap option for building material. If you have a standard size and would love to have custom fit door that is made of glass then you will have to budget less than $2,000 including its hardware. It may be expensive compared to a shower curtain but it will add value to your bathroom. If you choose glass then it is best to go full frameless because it creates an illusion that it is floating.

When you are remodeling your bathroom, it is better to hire a professional as long as they are willing to hook you up with the best deals from their material suppliers such as tiles and bath shower screens. Take for example a tile that cost 8.25 per square foot if you buy at retailers but a professional will be able to get the same type at only $2 per square foot.

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