How A Sydney Wedding Planner Plans To Be A One-Stop Shop?

A new Sydney wedding planner is looking into finding a couple’s dream wedding venue.

Ever since their launch this year, WedShed has assisted around 26,000 people to find the best place to hold their wedding – be it in the Victorian high country or the Adelaide Hills.

The goal is to ease out the stress of planning a wedding and how visible the wedding venues are in localized areas.

Co-partner Amy Lucas tells StartupSmart their platform helps create unique venues so that engaged couples can spend more time and energy on planning other facets of their wedding day.

“We realized that it was really difficult to find wedding venues that met our standards,” she says.

“When my co-founder Mel and I got engaged with our respective partners, we needed to bridge the gap to find a distinctive space that we can style and reflect the couple’s personality.”

“The platform has now more venues, which we aim to have more.”

“I think it’s really hard to sell these areas, but the good thing is having these venues know our idea,” she says.

“It’s really a boomerang as some couples struggle to find us online and through word of mouth, they get to know us. A lot of Sydney wedding planner are trying to reach the top in Google to be easily found by other engaged couples.”

As to their plans for the startup, Lucas says she and her co-founder will focus on creating a vendor directory for all venues that are willing to work with them.

“We have received more responses from sellers such as stylists and photographers. They have approached us to get them involved in all these wedding preparations,” she says.

“We have initiated banner ads on our site, and it really had them thinking that it can surely benefit them. So if the seller says she can service NSW, Victoria or Queensland, they will need to enter their profile and be integrated with our business. We definitely want to be a one-stop shop.”

Lucas has also called the attention of the government to turn same sex marriage legal. This should help a Sydney wedding planner to gain more prospects for their business.

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