Housewares Show Features The Latest Kitchen Gadgets

Every year there is a Housewares Show being held to feature the latest gadgets for the kitchen. The event is trade only and during this time, over 2,000 manufacturers of home and kitchen products as well as 20,000 buyers are coming together from all parts of the globe. The target consumers of the are millennials because it will cater to their small homes with a lot of budget to spare. Consumers are mostly looking to buy the best electric griddle or the latest smart refrigerator. Here are some of the latest kitchen gadgets that were showcased.

The first one is the Gourmia GKM9000 which is the first ever introduced in its line in the market. The countertop has almost everything one will need in the kitchen and so much more as it can be connected to a wireless network. It features a slow cooker, blender, monitors, iPhone display, cooks, weighs, preps and many others. This is manufactured by a company called Gourmia which is based in Brooklyn.

The next one is the mini KitchenAid which is a smaller version of the iconic stand mixer. The Artisan Mini is a compact model and its bowl can only hold as much as 3.5 quarts while the largest model can hold 8 quarts. Nevertheless, it still offers the same power as the large version because it has the same motor and all attachments are still full-sized such as the meat grinder and pasta maker.

If you are a fan of carbonated drinks then you will be happy to know that DrinkMate can be purchased to make any beverage into a carbonated one. Customers will be able to drink carbonated juice or cocktails.

For those who are looking to buy the best electric griddle that will replace their current ones, they can get an inspiration from the Pancake Bot 3D which was introduced as a prototype. It can print pancakes in various shapes the user wants and it can even print the user’s face on the pancake. This is very similar to an electric griddle but it comes with a dispensing bottle for the pancake batter which is managed by the sliding printing arm. Software is included in the purchase.

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