Hot Deals On Offer At Sukhumvit S15, A Stylish Boutique Hotel In Asoke, Bangkok

Some of the best boutique hotels are hidden in remote parts of cities. But the Sukhumvit S15 strikes a bold statement, as it is a stylish boutique hotel in Asoke, Bangkok. Located just a stone’s throw away from the Asoke BTS, this boutique hotel offers amazing connectivity to the rest of the city, and exemplary connectivity to the many nooks and crannies in Asoke itself.The boutique hotel is now looking to ramp up its services by offering new deals for its customers. There are three deals currently on offer, providing above par services in a nearly perfect hotel. They are the “Early Bird Promotion” offer, the “Get! Executive Price” offer and the “Super Hot Deal” offer.

  • Early Bird Promotion: If you’ve charted out your trip to Bangkok well in advance of your departure date, and are looking for an amazing and stylish boutique hotel to stay at, this is the hotel for you. In order to avail this offer, the customer will need to book just 30 days in advance, and they will have the option to get a discount of upto 26%. Not only this, you can also avail other services such as a free buffet breakfast, free WiFi, and a fruit platter when you enter the hotel.
  • Get! Executive Price: In order to get the best prices for the 4 rooms on offer, you can avail this offer and book directly with the hotel. Although, booking agencies offer additional benefits such as insurance and the ability to avail offers from hotels around the world, the “Get! Executive Price” offer will ensure that you get the best prices at the stylish boutique hotel in Asoke, Bangkok. The only prerequisite is that you book 30 days in advance.
  • Super Hot Deal!:This deal combines the best of both worlds, and lets you avail both the above offers simultaneously. Booking directly with the hotel, a customer can avail free breakfast buffet, free WiFi in all the rooms, and many more advantages. All of this, combined with the low prices offered by the “Get! Executive Price” deal, make this deal the best one for all the customers.

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