Homework Procrastination Harms Students’ Grades

Up to five percent decrease in grades is faced by students who give their homework few minutes before the deadline. A study conducted by David Arnott and Scott Dacko from Warwick Business School showed that grades of essays passed online decreased as the deadline approached.

Arnott remarked that the study revealed that postponing submission because of bad study practices have a damaging result on performance. Tutoring in Long Beach may prevent procrastination by teaching students construction of essays and time management.

According to him if the habit is eliminated early, it may help the student for college and career performance. The research studied 504 students on their first year and 273 students on their third year. The students had assignments which were given a month or more before the due date. Early submissions of the assignments were expected to be given a good grade than assignments submitted nearer to the due date. Eighty-six percent of the marketing students waited for the remaining 24 hours before deadline to submit their work. The mark decreased every hour until those who submitted the requirement at the last minute had the lowest marks. The students who literally submitted their requirement last minute had as much as 5 percent decrease in mark, which meant a grade lesser.

The study also showed no substantial difference among students from the first and third year. So, procrastinators are expected to go on with their poor habits unless the habit is corrected early. Dr. Dacko would like to identify students who would benefit from corrections if he was given the chance to alter current practices in the academe.  It is disturbing for a teacher that students are not passing; not because of the lesson or curriculum, but on poor study habits which they need to survive school.

The students’ capability to have time management must be enhanced as revealed by the research. Dr. Dacko and Dr. Arnott believe that they created a modern and easy method of facing the issue. They have named and proved a beneficial tool in recognizing procrastinators. Their method can be conducted in real time. A student’s initial assessment can reveal inclination to procrastination.

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