Homes For The Elderly Who Want To Live Independently In Familiar Communities

In order to ensure healthier ageing in Australia’s senior population, it is important for the older people to be able to choose where they want to live. This was part of a 2011 report on Caring for Older Australians made by Productivity Commission. Healthcare for the aged must focus on the promotion of independence and wellness of the senior population of Australia so that they can continue to contribute to society.

In response to the commission’s report, a small housing apartment on a housing block was redeveloped by Perth-based vittinoAshe architects to meet growing needs of the senior population for accommodation suitable to their age and health. The small architectural project won one of the top WA awards for architecture.

A 45-square meter apartment unit in East Perth’s Causeway Garden complex was redesigned by architects. The apartment included a central cupboard unit for storage, enclosed laundry facilities and a sturdy handrail to help the elderly navigate between the living and the dining-kitchen space. The cupboard was designed in order to provide a constant handrail for a widowed old lady so that she can have something to hang on whenever she wanted to move around.

The unit was successfully transformed and it was sold for $290,000 in July last year. It was actually an old unit that was successfully transformed into a very lovely and functional single bedroom unit through clever design. There are literally hundreds of apartment unit on the block that can be redesigned similar to this unit so that housing can be provided for the elderly who want to live independently.

According to Australia’s Bureau of Statistics, the number of people who are over 85 and up will double from 420,300 in 2012 to 842,500 by 2031. These elderly people can live independently in familiar communities in a cost effective manner by redesigning existing homes.

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