Homeowners Moving Benefits Local Company

Boxed-Up which is a local manufacturer of cardboard boxes is benefiting from the increase in sales of the property market in the United Kingdom. The number of people moving impacts the moving box company because it determines the demand for its products.

Lloyds Bank recently released figures regarding the number of household owners moving within the United Kingdom. Data shows a record high in the last 10 years which is the reason for the 20 per cent rise in sales of Boxed-Up’s house moving package in 2017.

For 2017, the number of homeowners who relocated have reached 370,300 which is the highest number recorded since 2007. According to Lloyds, the rise in sales in the property market was fuelled by the low mortgage rates as well as the high demand for properties.

Boxed-up’s director, Kate Hulley, said that the statistics only reflects that state of their team because of the significant amount of enquiries from movers who are looking for home removal boxes.

Kate, the one in charge of leading the team, added that the trend is doing well for their business. This is also an exciting chapter for existing homeowners as well as young people that are hoping to acquire their first property.

Lloyds believe that the high level of employment has also positively impacted the buying confidence of the people which is the reason for the increase in demand in real estates.

Andrew Mason, Lloyds Bank’s mortgage products director, claims that the equity levels of majority of homeowners have increased because of the rise in residential property prices which is the driving force for the people to move up in the housing ladder.

The manufacturing factory of the company is based in Wigan. Homeowners planning to move are advised by the moving box company to buy boxes in bulk in order to save. It is also recommended to hire a moving company if they wanted to move with less stress and more convenience. For homeowners aiming to save while moving, hiring a moving a truck and moving on their own is the best route to go.

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