Home Burglars’ Target Spots In Perth Homes

RAC, an insurance company in Perth, recently released the worst suburb in the area in terms of home burglaries. The ignominious award was given to the suburb of Gosnells which is located in the southern eastern part of Perth. It ranked as the number one in the latest list compiled by the RAC according to the number of burglary incidents that occurred in 2016. This is one of the many reasons why insurance companies are pushing homeowners to install home alarm systems in Perth.

The second place was given to the suburb of Morley while the Thornlie bags the third spot followed by Balga. The fifth spot holds two suburbs in Perth, Baldivis and Dianella.

In the previous list released in 2015, the suburb of Gosnells only coveted the fourth spot but it has now risen to the top as the number one.

According to Glen Walker, the home claims manager of RAC, they are used to seeing the same suburbs that are ranking on top of the claims data they have created. The most consistent to be on top are Thornlie, Gosnells and Morley. These suburbs are found to have the highest number of burglary claims as noted by RAC.

For three consecutive years, Morley remains to be on the second spot of the list. Thornlie, on the other hand, is doing better since it is down to the third spot where previously it was ranked as the first for both years 2014 and 2015. For the regional suburb category, the worst in performance was revealed to be Northam.

The most common items that were stolen during burglaries are jewellery along with bikes, according to Mr. Walker. Starting in 2014, they have noticed that the number of bikes stolen have increased by 70 per cent.

He added that most of the burglaries happened because thieves saw an opportunity. They can quickly go inside a property if the side bedroom is open or the front door is not locked. They can grab anything they can get their hands on and steal something given 30 seconds only. Portable items are the target including car keys.

They have advised homeowners to avail of home alarm systems in Perth and to always make sure their doors and windows are locked.

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