Gains And Loses Of Business Establishments From The Marathon In Suffolk County

The inaugural running event in Sayville, Suffolk County N.Y. went on successfully. Businessmen, whose establishments are within the marathon course in Montauk Highway, however, claim that they had poor business that day. Some just accepted defeat because it was for a charitable venture.

The marathon took place on the 13th of September. There were 3,500 marathoners who came from different states. The event has raised $160,000 which went to veteran provisions in Suffolk County. The highway was entirely closed from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Several business owners in Sayville were upset that the street was blocked on a weekend. Weekends are supposed to be their peak business days. Only few said they had good business that day. One was even surprised of the negative comments.

According to the head of Oakdale Chamber of Commerce, Ron Beattie, feedbacks from the merchants in the area were also mixed. Few establishments lost customers. The convenient store 7-11 reported a loss of 34% compared to usual Sunday sales.

Bettie said the committee had met to deliberate issues for the next marathon. He said they are open to recommendations and the event is for a beneficial cause.

The head of Bayport-Blue Point Chamber of Commerce, Lenore Prezioso, was glad that funds were raised for veterans. But, some of the chamber members had setbacks that day. She said she would have a survey answered by every member. Everyone would have the chance to give recommendations for the next race. She would report the results to the region.

Steve Bellone, Suffolk County Executive said he had optimistic response from the chambers of commerce who worked together, marathoners and audience. He said the race was made to promote downtowns and local businesses like stores which sell reversible running jacket. The aim was to create an impression for continued visits to the place the entire year. Plenty of the marathon participants never went to the places showcased by the route of the race. They expressed intentions on returning to visit to areas. He added that they are presently having a review of the event. They will face the issues to make sure other upcoming events will be successful.

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