Freedom Of Expression Exhibited Through Art

There are many ways by which one person can express his or her freedom as an individual. There are those that create word art, paint on canvas, write a song or dance their heart out. Being able to express one’s feeling through an activity which they love is as liberating as speaking up. This is what happened during one afternoon at the Company’s Garden. They have set up a large canvas with nothing on it yet. Passersby have seen the staffs erect the canvas and are very much curious as to what it could be for.

Later on that same day, they are able to fully grasp what the purpose of the blank canvas is.

As soon as the paint jars have arrived, Albert Fritz who is the MEC of social development was the first person to create a stroke on the canvas. He wrote a simple phrase that embodies the youth of today’s generation. After contributing to the canvas, he invited other guests who are present to follow suit.

A few minutes after, one will be able to witness how the plain canvas started to transform as it is filled with colors.

After he has written his part on the canvas, Fritz shared that the idea was conceptualized by young people and they are specifically targeting young people as well.

Fritz said that he wrote the phrase because he is confident that the youth of this generation is able to accomplish whatever they set their hearts to and many of them are great individuals.

According to 23 years old Laurnelle Dolan who is a member of Africa Unite, the activity gave them a voice. The project was created in the hope that young people will have an outlet wherein they can share whatever their concerns are regarding the current government as well as help solve the problem of social ills that is currently blanketing South Africa.

As the day comes to an end, the blank canvas is no more as there are colorful marks left, word art created to show off their favorite inspirational quote and some decided to leave their handprints.

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