Fox News Launches New Look For Website

Last 12th of September, 2017, broadcasting giant, Fox News released a new on-screen appearance featuring new graphics and altered aesthetics. Soon after, the company also revealed that it reworked its website with a brand new look, with the two redesigns showing up in within a short time of each other.

The two debuts occurred within a week of each other, but according to John Fiedler, Fox News’ Senior VP of Digital, the two redesigns were separate projects, with the launches having occurred at about the same time as each other being a fortunate coincidence. The news company had worked on their redesigns independently, without sourcing it to third party companies such as Studiobkk, and had not been coordinating either redesigns to release within a short time of each other.

The website had gone online by the 18th of September, but small previews had already been available to visitors in the past, which was the network’s way of acquiring user feedback. According to Fiedler, the site’s home page was where most people found out about content, so they wanted to ensure that they had time to really see how people responded to the previews of the redesign.

The redesigned look gives more space for videos taken from the TV news broadcasts, making them more noticeable and prominent, which was stated to be a main goal for the redesign. The lead story now takes up a considerable amount of real estate of the front page, and comes with an embedded video, plus links to related coverage.

Farther down are where the categories are found, spanning the width of the page, plus a left column for videos that comes with a live stream of the Fox News channel itself.

Overall, the redesign focuses on ensuring an aspect of web design that all web design companies such as Studiobkk adhere to: ensuring cross-platform compatibility. The new aesthetic features similarities to the new look of Fox News on TV, but the website redesign was focused primarily on how this new site design would work across platforms.

With the new design having gone live, Fox News is working on keeping track of the metrics, such as content consumption and engagement. They have yet to offer details regarding the numbers, though.

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