Ferrari 488 GTB In The United Arab Emirates

When Ferrari 488 GTB was released, dealers were given long waiting lists. Instead of having a test car, dealers only enjoyed the car for a few hours. Ferrari 488 GTB is actually a revolutionary car since it is one of first turbocharged models for decades. The massive air intakes up front and along the sides were not simply placed to serve as a decoration; they feed necessary air to the engine as well as provide enough down force to negate the use of a rear wing.

It is difficult for an agent to make a review of Ferrari 488 GTB after a very brief introduction to the super car but it is very clear that the vehicle can hold two people comfortably and allow them to get in and out of the car easily. There is enough storage area for stuff and it is pretty easy to figure out that buttons are used to set up the phone or flash the headlights.

Every inch of the cabin is covered in matte leather with padded arm rests and dash tops. For passionate fans, the drive is the most important. How does it drive? Brilliantly with a stability that does not make you feel that you are going too fast. The new 3.9 liter twin-turbo V8 produces a whopping 98 horses which is more than Ferrari Italia’s naturally aspirated engine. You will not expect it to scream at 9,000 rpm like the 458 does but it revs to 8,000 rpm with that grunt-sounding exhaust note and a whole lot of unfiltered turbo swooshing. It makes that unmistakable Ferrari sound.

Ferrari 488 GTB is ridiculously fast but it is not scary when you hit the high speeds by mistake. You can end up doing 220kph in just a few seconds which means being mindful of speed limits. Sales of Ferrari 488 UAE have been rising because great efforts have been invested on its electronic controls to ensure performance and power. Many dealerships represent the Ferrari brand in the Middle East because they want the exclusivity of the brand. There is a lot of passion in the Middle East region for Ferraris prticulalry the latest models.

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