Fences And Border Barriers

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As the saying would put it, good fences indeed make good neighbors. Countries bordered by good fences become the best neighbors. The fences are built for different reasons. Some fences are built in order to prevent illegal immigration, to stop smuggling and drug trafficking and some to prevent the conflict in one country from crossing grounds in another country. However, if you really look at the basis of all these, fences are essentially designed in order to keep a certain group of people away from another group just like in maximum security prisons.

Border fences

Barriers in country borders are nothing new. The most famous barrier today is the Great Wall of China. This mighty wall was built hundreds of years ago in order to keep the marauding Mongolians away from the civilized and fertile Chinese lands. The Great Wall of China is deemed as one of the greatest feats in human history with series of fortifications stretching up to 13,000 miles. However, even the mighty wall did little in stopping the Mongolians from conquering greater China.

Another wall which was built in order to keep rowdy neighbors out was the Hadrian’s Wall in UK. This wall was said to be notably built for just six years and stretches for about 73 miles. Today, this is the famous wall separating Scotland and England. The Hadrian wall was never really served its very purpose as the Romans left Britain after 200 years which left the province to fend for it.

Perhaps the Berlin Wall could be the barrier with the most influence in people’s lives. The wall was built in 1961 in order to separate the Soviet-controlled part of Berlin from the Allied controlled part. In the year 1989 the wall was demolished after Mr. Reagan’s most famous speech: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

Today, there are a lot of border fences across the world.

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