Famous Photographer In Scotland Is A Nine Year Old Girl

Regina Wyllie is from Scotland and she is just nine years of age but she had already developed a passion for photography which is the very reason why she is in the profession now at a very early age. She had debuted as a photographer and had already conducted her first official wedding photography shoot and thereafter, more and more couples are booking her to cover them as they do their wedding vows. Regina may be young in number but her works shows none of her age. Many more people now want her to be their photographer in order for their special day to be documented.

According to Mr. Kevin Wyllie, who is the father of Regina, Regina has had photography experience of about 6 years already. He recounted how she discovered that she loves being behind the lens when she was only three years old. The first time her father took her to a photo shoot was of mountain bike racing. During that time, all she had was a plastic toy camera.

During that time, Mr. Wyllie was busy taking photographs of the event and Regina is also taking her own shots using her small camera. After that time, she has been bugging her father questions on how to handle a camera which piqued her interest in photography.

Looking at the work of Regina, one will be able to see that she is one of the best photographers there is considering her age. There is passion in what she does behind the lens and it reflected on her work. During her first photo shoot for a wedding, her father was the one who took the formal photographs while the candid shots are taken care of Regina. Her work comes out as natural and adorable which made the newly-wed very happy as long as their families. After this, a great team has developed between Regina and her dad.

Regina was asked if she is scared when doing wedding photography and she answered no. She admitted that the only thing that she can complain about what she is doing is that she has to stand a long time to get a proper shot and it could be tiring at some point.

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