Expedia’s Survey Revealed Thai Choices

The 2017 Flip Flop report by Expedia has already been published and it revealed that Thais are more likely to choose a beach spot or a beach villa in Thailand if it is clean and safe at the same time. The report was an overall assessment of the various views of people when it comes to beaches as well as their behaviours. The survey was conducted among 17 countries and it has 15,000 participants.

In Thailand, there are 852 participants and 95 per cent of them said that they experienced a beach holiday before while 73 per cent of them said that they went to one within the previous year. Out of those who have experienced a beach vacation, 42 per cent of them said that they have visited another country.

Among the locals, the most favourite destination when it comes to beach holidays is their country. Survey showed that seven for every 10 or 69 per cent of participants prefer a domestic beach holiday. The second most visited beach spot for Thais is Singapore with 17 per cent, 16 per cent is Japan, Hawaii is 14 per cent while 12 per cent of them prefers Australia.

Looking at the international tourists, 12 per cent have visited a beach in Thailand for a beach holiday. Around 21 per cent of them are from South Korea, 17 per cent are from India while 15 per cent are from Australia.

Majority of Thais are hoping to visit another country for their beach holiday. Number one on the list is the beaches in Waikiki, Hawaiiwith 49 per cent of Thais hoping to go there. Second is Seminyak, Bali with 32 per cent and 16 per cent wishes to visit Amalfi, Italy.

Figures also showed that Thai travellers prefer short travels when going on a beach holiday. The average time that Thais are willing to spend in a flight is below four hours while a road trip is four and one-half hour. It is not surprising that people prefer a beach villa in Thailand because locals are known to spend an average of five days of their entire year on the beach.

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