Every Man’s Guide To Still Look Attractive On Ugly Christmas Sweater Season

Regardless of the ornaments hanging from it, one can easily tell that a sweater that fits properly is a flattering garment any man can wear. For instance, a skinny physique can have added weight with the right sweater much the same as streamlined to a large figure. Typically, it keeps you warm but style wise it breaks the monotonous wardrobe. On ordinary days, most men know only a few things in style about sweaters while only a few take advantage of the styles and patterns they can flaunt with it. However, they are all over it on Ugly Christmas Sweaters season. Before you adorn any sweater with the craziest idea you have now, make sure you know how to remain attractive with it in a manner that best flaunts your suitable style and individuality.

Sweater Fabrics

The diamond standard of all sweaters is Cashmere, exorbitant in price because of its main material, the Kashmir goat hair is very scarce. But the quality is unmatched. You probably want to ruin it with Christmas ornaments that may damage the sweater, however, wearing one as a base sweater in any ugly Christmas sweaters events you go will surely make people turn their heads on you. For Cashmere sweaters, don’t aim for ugly, but sophisticated. Other fabrics include cotton sweaters, synthetic fabric sweaters, and blended fabric sweaters where it is made from a combination of two or more fabrics.

Sweater Color

And since the color affects any garment and occasion when it was worn, darker colors are proven to be more attractive. Christmas season is usually during in the colder parts of the year so dark colors are also just appropriate. Also, dark colors will be a good background for your sweater’s Christmas ornaments highlighting the theme of your choice more rather than the sweater itself.

Sweater Patterns

Patterns are not really necessary since it will most probably be covered but should you insist, argyle is the best for men especially in Winter months. If you want to flaunt argyle, minimal ornaments must be incorporated to the sweater, just for it to look cute but make sure the pattern is also palpable so the ladies will not be able to help it but picture you out with such a classic casual wear. Needless to say, the weave of the sweater determines the fit. Make sure that the weave will compliment your body type weakness, thin knit for large frames and chunky knit for smaller frames that need volume.

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