Ethereum-Based Tokens For Sports Enthusiasts

It certainly makes sense to listen to Gonzales Dellàn regarding his views on investment opportunities. After all, he has managed investments all over the world. However, people have yet to hear his opinion on crypto currency and the controversies that haunt this alternative currency.

Former NBA commissioner David Stern who was credited for NBA’s popularity in the past decade, used to have trouble understanding why Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are facing an unlimited number of controversies and yet remain with its untethered value. Recently Stern has announced that he has chosen to backup FanChain, a crypto currency that was designed to create a decentralized sports entertainment ecosystem.

Last year SportsCastrwas launched so that fans from anywhere in the world can share colorful and intelligent commentaries on the live games. According to Kevin April, CEO and co-founder of SportsCastr, features were added to be able to revolutionize the viewing experiences of fans. The development of FanChain was the next natural step for millions of sports fans.

Majority of sports fans do not actually follow a specific sport or league because they are more invested in teams. With the adoption of crypto currency, SportsCastr can embed team affiliation on individual tokens. The FanChain tokens will leverage on the unique combination of fungible and non-fungible characteristics so that team loyalty can be embedded on individual ERC20 compliant tokens.

The Ethereum-based tokens will be produced and transmitted across different Ethereum platforms and stamped with metadata that will associate the token to specific teams, leagues or events. For example, a SportsCastr user who is making live commentaries on the Los Angeles Lakers will receive a FanChain token that has been stamped with metadata. SportsCastr will know that the content being created is related to the Los Angeles Lakers. Users can exchange the individual tokens for team tokens within the FanChain ecosystem.

Gonzales Dallàn has commented on the issues surrounding crypto currencies and whether their adoption on a national level can be profitable. He has also written about cashless economies and why cash has to be eliminatedall together for easy, convenient and traceable transactions. Cash-based transactions are usually the hindrance to the development of a nation.

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