Encourage Team Building With These Methods

A company will do better if the employees are performing their best and motivated. One way to ensure this is to organize team-bonding activities that will encourage the workers. Experts give their take on how to encourage employees to join in team building activities.

There should be a regular town hall meeting conducted to make sure that everyone is always connected. According to the head of human resources at Chillr, JubinShaju, town halls ensure that there is transparency and every employee has a clear understanding of their purpose in the organization. With this, everyone will function on the same side and will result to an overall positive performance.

Majority of employees think that their work is harder compared to other levels or department but what they fail to realize is that every role comes with unique challenges. This is why the CEO of Naaptol, Manu Agarwal, recommends that it is ideal for team members to explore other branches in the company and experience other roles. This will result to a various benefits such as a new perspective in every employee and team as a whole. This will also promote empathy among staff and teams are more likely to collaborate having experienced one another’s roles. Practicing all of this will ensure a more cohesive work place.

Agarwal added that recognition is another essential tool in managing teams. This will ensure that the workforce will remain loyal and motivated to do their work. Employees are more likely to bond if due recognition is given to each and everyone.

Working in a company means formality but it should not be practiced at all times. There are instances wherein getting personal with people you work with will benefit the workplace. Agarwal said that bonds are developed when employees and teams participate in outdoor activities. After immersing themselves in team bonding activities, they will come back to work with higher level of motivation and the entire unit will be tighter than before. It is not unusual to have misunderstanding and stress while at work and organizing recreational activities is one way to remove these barriers.

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