Disney And MakieLab On 3D Printing Outfits For Dolls

When you think Walt Disney Co. has tried everything there is, the company is now trying their hand in 3D printing market. It was only recently that the doll designer MakieLab which creates 3D printed dolls began selling them with outfits that have Disney branded patterns such as Maleficent and Minnie Mouse.

This is how the system works – a child will be able to visit the online website of MakieLab and from there on choose the basic design for the doll they want. Customization can be made on various doll parts such as the eye color, hair and its skin tone. They will also have the option to choose the outfit they prefer. After picking and deciding the final outcome, the design will then be forwarded to MakieLab. This is where the company starts making a print of the physical doll which is in 3D. The printer used is an industrial type with dimensions six by eight feet. After that, the dolls are fitted into their clothes and then all are ready for shipping.

The London-based company, MakieLab, has an office located in Los Angeles. The company together with Disney has made arrangements to customize the range of Star Darlings products as well which is the latest Disney brand.

According to Kevin Mayer, the chief strategy officer of Disney, the 3D printing technology they are using will play a very essential part in the company’s future. Disney merchandises that can be personalized with children’s name are the biggest hits in both Disney stores and theme parks. The big difference with 3D printing is that they can customize the product in a more sophisticated and detailed manner plus they can do this at the convenience of their own homes. This is made possible by the product designer tools used by MakieLab in their online website.

There are other technological innovations that are being utilized by Disney already such as printing children’s faces on Iron Man and Star Wars products. Another 3D company is in partnership with Disney, the Open Bionics, which is prosthetic maker. The partnership will enable them to create limbs that are based in Disney characters which will surely bring joy to kids who use them.

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