Different Ministries Employing The Twitter Seva


Citizens are now quick to complain whenever they are experiencing various issues from their calls being dropped to power shortages in their area. It is now a common trend that when a citizen posted something for the government’s attention in the social media platform Twitter, they must respond in real time and provide solution to the problem.

Following this method, the government under Narendra Modi, the current prime minister of India, is making adjustments with regards to the Twitter Seva in order to monitor everything using the social media platform. Aside from the government, five major ministries are also adopting including telecommunication ministry, home ministry, human resources ministry, power ministry as well as health ministry. All of them are already on board in employing the said program.

This is after the successful partnership that occurred between Twitter Seva and various ministries of India such as the ministry of commerce, ministry of railways and ministry of external affairs. With the use of the said program, the different ministries are able to track all the tweets that are sent daily, amounting to thousands, and these complaints are being responded to accordingly. These tweets are classified into different ministries with the use of specific keywords in order to be addressed properly.

According to one of the senior official in the government, many more ministries will be following suit in order to increase the citizen interaction because the Centre demands that there should be real time interaction as well as resolution to the complaints of the citizens that are posted on the social media platform, most especially those posted in Twitter.

A confirmation was sent by the head of the news, government and politics in Twitter for India, Raheel Khursheed, with regards to the plan. He shared that the five ministries listed will soon be employing Twitter Serva and the MyGov platform of the Prime Minister will also be utilizing the same program. The government as well as the ministries under it recognizes the importance of the program. With the help of technology and innovation, HR challenges in a modern world are easily overcome.

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