Coffee Giant Relaxes Dress Code

A coffee conglomerate’s dress code is loosened up for its employees in North America according to a statement released by the company. This was implemented to allow their baristas to stand out as individuals.

The changes mean Starbucks employees of over 150,000 in 8,771 stores can now dress beyond the standard black and white shirts which were the background to their famous green aprons. The changes rolled out included a new style guideline. This also included new color combinations plus new rules on accessories and accents.

The company said that it wants to increase their employee satisfaction and at the same time, they want to make their stores seem cool. A manager in a Manhattan store said their customers are happy to see the baristas’ individuality unique expressed through their style.

These are some of the changes the company implemented including which are allowed and prohibited.

The company allows hair coloring either semi-permanent or permanent but hair should be tied back. For reasons regarding food safety, temporary hair color, glitters, sprays and chalks are not allowed. Hair can be covered in allowed hats like newsboy caps, beanies and fedoras. Cowboy hats are prohibited, though.

Employees are now invited to wear subdued colors that include brown, gray, dark denim and navy. They are also advised to wear solids and small, low contrast patterns.

Tops can also be of different styles like pullovers, turtlenecks and sweaters (Men’s or Women’s Sweaters), among others. Tank tops, T-shirts, hoodies and those clothing with plunging necklines are a no-no. They are also warned about wearing logos not related to the company.

Regulations in terms of the pants are relaxed too. They can wear shorts, skirts, dresses, dark jeans, slacks and khakis.

Shoes should cover the top foot and heel as much as possible. Colors of brown, gray and black are allowed with little accent colors.

Tattoos and other accessories should not be the main accent of the outfit. Piercings should also kept to just 2 per ear. Watches, wristbands and other hand jewelry are prohibited too.

The guidelines also include a warning about being prevented from work if they come dressed inappropriately.

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