Cloud Mining Promotions For Cheap Prices – Is This True?

In the bitcoin world, the topic of cloud mining is often met with hesitation because of the number of scams taking place. Even if promotional offers and cheap contracts are offered, Bitcoin communities are not particularly enthusiastic. It seems that the number of companies offering legitimate bitcoin cloud mining is fairly limited which means taking extra precautions when dealing with providers.

OXBTC has recently released a cost efficient cloud contract on a first come first serve basis. While no one is saying that OXBTC has no genuine intentions, there are questions that have to be asked particularly since it is offering both Bitcoin cloud mining contracts and deposit investment returns. There seems to be a conflict of interest.

OXBTC has recently launched a Bitcoin cloud mining contract that costs US$149 per 1TH/s of mining power. The offer is very interesting particularly since the price is lower than its competitors. However, this is only a promotional offer that lasted until March 30. Moreover, miners can only purchase a maximum of 100 GH/s per account with the cheap rates making is rather strange. Users are not too keen on promotional offers on reduced prices because of the fear of being scammed.

Miners who want cost effective Bitcoin mining contracts can snag up power regardless of their budget. There is a standard Bitcoin cloud mining contract called GHS02 with reduced prices for a certain period. Company prices for the Bitcoin cloud mining contract has been reduced to US$13/MH.

However, the deposit investment funds are really strange because it might be used for paying out Bitcoin cloud miners or vice versa. In addition, OXBTC is awarding its affiliates 25% for investment referrals, a large amount compared to what is being offered by other providers. To make sure that you are not being duped, it is important to make a research before you make an investment or deposit.

Bitcoin cloud mining is a concept where you purchase mining power through hardware in remote data centers. Cloud mining allows miners to earn Bitcoins without the hassle of increased power costs. Profitability is always possible by making the right choices meaning you should choose cloud mining providers carefully.

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