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Spain’s Tourism Booming: Searching For Better Accommodation

When you have an active tourism industry in your country, regardless if you’re a third-world country like the Philippines or you’re among the top countries in the world like the United States, it has tons of benefits for your country. You see, when your country’s tourism industry is active, you will be able to lure a great number of tourists to visit your country especially during the peak seasons such as the summer seasons when most international tourists are flocking towards the beautiful beaches. Another reason why an active and booming tourism industry in any given country is a good thing for that specific country is that the tourism industry can actually generate a bigger amount of revenues from all service providers that are relevant to the industry and a big percentage of that revenue will go to the national fund of the national government which in turn could be used to furthermore help and improve the industry and provide better services especially to the frequently visiting international tourists. Now, if you are going to visit any country whether it’s for taking a vacation or you’re going on an official business trip, you are going to need a hotel or at the very least, a fully-furnished apartment unit where you will stay. Fortunately, there is a good number of apartments, especially in La Gomera in Spain, and one of them has a website. Visit their website here:, so you can take a good look at the accommodation options they have to offer.

 Speaking of Spain, the tourism industry in the said country has been enjoying a relatively significant success as of late in terms of the number of tourists arriving to the country. In fact, tourism officials have indicated that there are 72 million tourists expected to visit the country during the whole 2017, a number which increased by 4 million from its 2015 data which only recorded 68 million tourists who visited Spain during that said year. This means that there would more jobs for tourism-related workers and an additional earnings from the industry which is also a welcome development for Spain’s economy. In any case you need a good apartment to stay in La Gomera, it’s recommended that you visit their website here: get more helpful information.

Helping Ad Lib Bangkok Luxury Hotel’s Competiveness: Goal Of TAT’s Seminar

The Royal Kingdom of Thailand has been continuing on its course in becoming one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations not just in the Asia Pacific Region, but in the world. Several cities and provinces in Thailand, including the kingdom’s capital city, Bangkok, have been voted as among the most visited tourist destinations all over the world and Bangkok for one, is among the top cities in terms of total expenses spent by tourists during their stay within the city. Despite the significant surge of success of Bangkok’s tourism industry, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has recently announced that there will be a 1-day seminar that will be held during the upcoming Thailand Travel Mart Plus 2017 which is scheduled to take place on June 14 to 16, 2017. The said seminar will be held on June 16 and will be focusing on helping various service providers from the tourism industry such as the Ad Lib Bangkok Luxury Hotel- which offer three accommodation options: Plush Room, Extra Plush Room and, Connecting Room, to furthermore strengthen their hold onto the success that the industry is riding in at the moment.


Aside from working on new mechanisms that will help the tourism industry in Bangkok and, in Thailand in general, the officials of TAT said that through this seminar, they will be able to attract a new and bigger workforce to help improve the growing tourism industry within the kingdom. This include improving competitiveness of Thai personnel especially those who are working at Ad Lib Bangkok Luxury Hotel– located nearby some of the most authentic street food stalls and restaurant in the city, because of the ever-evolving needs of vacationists are needed to be tended  to. In addition to this, TATs officials said that they are hoping that participants from the industry will gain learn new trends and knowledge that is useful to improving the tourism industry, both from the senior tourism officials and, professionals who already have years’ worth of experience in terms of working in the hospitality industry. The said seminar is expected to have around 500 participants which are consisted of three groups: tourism personnel, academic professionals and, students from colleges and universities in the northern part of the kingdom.


The Significance Of Learning A Foreign Language For Economic Prosperity

The European referendum is hot topic nowadays but there is something important being overlooked in the political debates. One very crucial issue is language learning that will always be present no matter the outcome of the referendum. As long as English is the common language in the European Union, there does not seem to be any necessity or desire for some quarters to learn a new language of communication.

In more than 20 countries across Europe, children are required to learn at least 2 foreign languages for at least a year. English remains to be a popular choice. In England, the same rule applies but the reality is rather woeful because the number of students who are learning foreign languages is on the decline. Based on the results of Language Trends Survey 2016, the decline continues to be unabated. Foreign language is very important for economic prosperity meaning people will have more opportunities in the European job market. Learning a foreign language will be crucial when the nation remains to be a member of the European Union but more so if it decides to stand alone.

One of the critical skills being sought for in the global job market is the ability to speak a foreign language other than the mother tongue. The job market seeks people who can speak English as well as French, Spanish or German because it allows participation in society on an international level. The benefits of learning a foreign language extend beyond career opportunities; it delivers health gains and cognitive abilities.

According to researches, being bilingual improves abilities on areas like math, reading and vocabulary. People who are multi-lingual or bi-lingual usually have better memory and recall. Learning a new language later in life protects a person from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The mere act of attempting to learn a new language slows down cognitive decline in old age.

Learning a foreign language is gaining popularity because people have realized that the skills open doors for job opportunities. If you desire to teach English as a foreign language, work for your TEFL certification to obtain a high paying job.

The Waning Demand For Paper-Based Maps

Most individuals with smartphones can easily download satellite-based navigation maps to assist them with directions when travelling particularly in a strange place. This technological innovation has affected the demand for paper maps that used to be a traditional tool for travellers. In Arkansas, the state’s Highway and Transportation Department has recently announced that it is cutting its annual production of paper maps by a half or 500,000 that will be updated every 2 years instead of yearly.

Arkansas has bowed down to the reality that people now prefer digital maps instead of the usual paper maps particularly since out of the 1 million maps that were printed last 2014, about 300,000 pieces were still left. The state’s geographic information system and mapping section is sad about the developments but technology has certainly overtaken the art of looking at a paper-generated map.

Printed versions of the Arkansas’s paper-based maps include detailed country maps, city maps, route maps and maps that give people an indication of traffic volumes. These maps are computer-generated and can be accessed through the department’s website or through state tourism centers around Arkansas. Paper maps are often part of a tourist’s vacation travel kit to help motorists.

A decade ago, demand for paper-based maps was so great that out of 1.4 million printed copies, only about 30,000 were left. There were an unusual number of requests from schools. Motorists were also given their individual copy to aid a survey done by contractors. In 2011, which was the banner year of the paper-based maps, only 50,000 copies were left from the 1 million that was printed because residents of the state scrambled to get their hands on information on detours around high waters. GPS certainly will not tell if there is flooding in a certain area.

Maps have certainly played a big role in motorist’s lives throughout the years. Another type of map that has gained favorable attention is Illustrated Maps that was quite popular for cities, campuses, parks and resorts. Unlike traditional paper-based maps that provided directions, Illustrated Maps gave people a more interesting and exciting option because of its detailed topographic information.

Reasons Why You Should Hire A Lawyer

Thailand – It is quite sad how lawyers are portrayed today. Most people perceive lawyers in a negative way and there are even some people who consider lawyers as bad omens when in fact, they are one of the most honest and hardworking people out there. Lawyers are highly knowledgeable in the legal fields and they would do everything for the benefit of their clients. It is safe to say that a lawyer would always look out for the best interests of his clients.

While most people would not hesitate to get a family doctor, a handyman they can call for repairs, they often see lawyers as highly professional individuals with expensive fees. For them, having a lawyer is like looking for trouble and the people who have lawyers often engage in risky activities that would often land them in sticky legal situations.

Some people only realize the value of a lawyer when they are in a dangerous predicament that could land them in jail. Here are some reasons why you need a lawyer.

  1. Lawyers are not really that expensive. To tell you the truth, most lawyers offer free consultations which mean that you can talk to them and get legal advice without any costs. You can basically build relationships with lawyers for free. And while some lawyers do charge a certain amount of fees, they’re not really that expensive like traditional media portrays them to be. In fact, there are lawyers who charge an hourly rate lower than some doctors.
  2. Lawyers will help prevent problems for you. It is contradictory to the belief that having a lawyer is like looking for trouble. What lawyers actually do is to make preventive measures in the form of contracts, agreements and other various legal instruments to keep you out of trouble. And when people know you have a lawyer you can turn to, they would not likely mess with you. For example, you wish to buy property. Sellers would not try to fool you because you have a lawyer giving you legal advice when buying property in Thailand.
  3. Lawyers have a powerful network. Lawyers do not work alone. They belong to a very powerful system consisting of highly skilled and professional individuals of all trades and fields. Whenever you have a problem that would need the aid of other professionals, they can contact the right people for you.
  4. You can not exactly know when you’ll bump into a legal mess. And if you do, it would give you a great bit of ease knowing there is a highly professional individual backing you up.

Popular Indian Foods You Should Check Out

India is one of the most recognizable countries in Asia. But even though people are familiar with hearing about India, a lot don’t actually know how rich of a country it is. Spanning thousands of years in existence, India is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. With over a billion in population, 1652 mother tongues and 22 official languages, there is no denying the diversity that is in India. India is known for lots of things: stunning architecture, scenic beauty, vast culture and tradition, and food.

When it comes to food, Indians are probably one of the most passionate people in the world. Indians take their cooking very seriously. In fact, their food culture is so diverse that a dish from one state may be entirely foreign to a person from another. Indian cuisine is most notably known for its effective use of rich spices and the exoticness of its taste.

With that being said, here are some of the best Indian foods that you may want to check out.

  1. Idlis and Sambar. Idlis is basically a cake with rich flavors made from fermented black lentils and rice. It is often served with Sambar, a vegetable stew. Idlis and Sambar is considered as one of the most popular Indian dishes, particularly in South India. In fact, Idlis and Sambar does not only provide exquisite taste but also great nutritional value. The World Health Organization even went as far as declaring it one of the most nutritious dishes and safe to have outside home.
  2. This is a common dish in the North. Mughlai is a cuisine that is comprised of other dishes that were prepared in the royal kitchens of the Mughlai emperors of India. When you taste Mughlai dishes, you would notice the heavy presence of ground spices and the flavored sauces along with the based curries will have your craving for more. Mughlai dishes usually have Muslim names.

Indian food can easily blow anyone away and if you are looking for the most popular Indian food in Western Australia, make sure to drop by Two Fat Indians.

Disney And MakieLab On 3D Printing Outfits For Dolls

When you think Walt Disney Co. has tried everything there is, the company is now trying their hand in 3D printing market. It was only recently that the doll designer MakieLab which creates 3D printed dolls began selling them with outfits that have Disney branded patterns such as Maleficent and Minnie Mouse.

This is how the system works – a child will be able to visit the online website of MakieLab and from there on choose the basic design for the doll they want. Customization can be made on various doll parts such as the eye color, hair and its skin tone. They will also have the option to choose the outfit they prefer. After picking and deciding the final outcome, the design will then be forwarded to MakieLab. This is where the company starts making a print of the physical doll which is in 3D. The printer used is an industrial type with dimensions six by eight feet. After that, the dolls are fitted into their clothes and then all are ready for shipping.

The London-based company, MakieLab, has an office located in Los Angeles. The company together with Disney has made arrangements to customize the range of Star Darlings products as well which is the latest Disney brand.

According to Kevin Mayer, the chief strategy officer of Disney, the 3D printing technology they are using will play a very essential part in the company’s future. Disney merchandises that can be personalized with children’s name are the biggest hits in both Disney stores and theme parks. The big difference with 3D printing is that they can customize the product in a more sophisticated and detailed manner plus they can do this at the convenience of their own homes. This is made possible by the product designer tools used by MakieLab in their online website.

There are other technological innovations that are being utilized by Disney already such as printing children’s faces on Iron Man and Star Wars products. Another 3D company is in partnership with Disney, the Open Bionics, which is prosthetic maker. The partnership will enable them to create limbs that are based in Disney characters which will surely bring joy to kids who use them.