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Reasons To Book Rooms At The Hotel Near Rama Yana Waterpark

Pattaya is a popular destination for beach vacation. Lots of visitors throng to the city every year to enjoy a peaceful holiday of sun, sand and sea. The city is famous for its happening nightlife, attractive shopping and tourist attractions like the amusement parks, wats and parks.

There is no dearth of accommodation options in the city. The popular tourist destination has hotels across different budget ranges to cater to the different visitors. However, guests looking for a luxury vacation prefer to stay at the beautiful boutique hotel near Rama Yana waterpark located close to the Jomtien beach.

The new boutique hotel near Rama Yana Waterpark offers the best amenities to the guests. The swimming pool is located on the 8th floor and offers stunning views of the bay. The poolside rooftop bar serves guests the choicest cocktails prepared by expert mixologists. The hotel has an amazing restaurants that serves fusion menu. The delectable menu contains dishes from Asian, Thai and International cuisine.

Guests can select the best room from the three different room options at the new design hotel near Rama Yana Waterpark, to enjoy a relaxing vacation. The one bedroom, one bedroom sea view and one bedroom premier suites offer the ultimate luxury to relax after a hectic day of site seeing in Pattaya. All the rooms are modern and offer a soothing atmosphere with stunning views of the bay. The private balconies are the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing evening with family and friends while enjoying the picturesque views of the sea or the mountainside. The modern and stylish suites are fitted with modern in-room amenities like king beds with duvet covers and pillows, air-conditioners, free Wi-Fi, electronic key card, Telephone, kitchenette comprising of fridge, stove, microwave oven, cutlery, kitchenware and washing area, and separate bathroom with rain shower.

The plush rooms and the amazing amenities are the main reasons that attract viewers to the hotel near Rama Yana Waterpark that offers rooms at best prices. The location is another advantage of this modern seaside hotel. The hotel is located in Jomtein beach and is quiet close to the tourist attractions of Pattaya. The easy location, attractive discounts and amazing facilities and in-room amenities make it the best choice to stay in Pattaya.

3 Essential Tips For A Perfect Similan Livea board Adventure

An exciting Similan Liveaboard adventure in Thailand is one of the more popular activities among divers and water lovers, in general. In order to have an enjoyable, worry-free and comfortable stay in a houseboat for days, take a look at these tips.

Plan in advance

No matter what type of trip you have in mind, it is always best to plan ahead to ensure that everything is sorted out and for you not to miss out on your travel needs. By preparing for the trip ahead of time, you can still have some research on credible service providers including the items that you will need for the travel. With some research, you also get an idea on the amount of money you need to prepare for the adventure. You can also plot your schedule to ensure that your diving holiday will not intervene with your office deliverables. You might also want to pick a suitable schedule such as an off-peak season if you prefer less crowd.

Choose a service provider

There are several companies or service providers of Similan Liveaboard offer houseboats and services. There are companies that offer trips for mixed divers which is suitable for solo divers who want to socialize and spend less on the adventure. However, if you want an exclusive liveaboard experience, you can charter an entire yacht or small boat for you or with some of your companions. Search on the internet for reliable service providers or you can also check from review sites and forums for ideas. Choose a liveaboard service provider with high ratings and more positive feedback from its customers. You might also want to ask for referrals from your friends who are also into diving.

Prepare for the travel

Lastly, for a worry-free Similan Liveaboard trip, check your travel essentials such as proper swim wear, diving gears, sunnies, slippers, sun block, etc. It would be best to iron out office deliverables, where to put your pets, if you have any and similar other obligations. You might also want to book in a hotel or resort to ensure that you will have an accommodation when you get to Thailand.

Spain’s Tourism Booming: Searching For Better Accommodation

When you have an active tourism industry in your country, regardless if you’re a third-world country like the Philippines or you’re among the top countries in the world like the United States, it has tons of benefits for your country. You see, when your country’s tourism industry is active, you will be able to lure a great number of tourists to visit your country especially during the peak seasons such as the summer seasons when most international tourists are flocking towards the beautiful beaches. Another reason why an active and booming tourism industry in any given country is a good thing for that specific country is that the tourism industry can actually generate a bigger amount of revenues from all service providers that are relevant to the industry and a big percentage of that revenue will go to the national fund of the national government which in turn could be used to furthermore help and improve the industry and provide better services especially to the frequently visiting international tourists. Now, if you are going to visit any country whether it’s for taking a vacation or you’re going on an official business trip, you are going to need a hotel or at the very least, a fully-furnished apartment unit where you will stay. Fortunately, there is a good number of apartments, especially in La Gomera in Spain, and one of them has a website. Visit their website here:, so you can take a good look at the accommodation options they have to offer.

 Speaking of Spain, the tourism industry in the said country has been enjoying a relatively significant success as of late in terms of the number of tourists arriving to the country. In fact, tourism officials have indicated that there are 72 million tourists expected to visit the country during the whole 2017, a number which increased by 4 million from its 2015 data which only recorded 68 million tourists who visited Spain during that said year. This means that there would more jobs for tourism-related workers and an additional earnings from the industry which is also a welcome development for Spain’s economy. In any case you need a good apartment to stay in La Gomera, it’s recommended that you visit their website here: get more helpful information.

Tips To Find Historical Resort In Luang Prabang

Laos is a country in Southeast Asia with rich cultural and political history. Majority of its population are Buddhists so you can expect to find ancient temples, both standing and ruined due to internal conflicts and foreign invasions. Aside from tourist destinations that reflect their fascinating culture, you can also find a historical resort in Luang Prabang. If you are wondering where to start with your search, here are some tips:

Search the internet

One way to find interesting hotels around LuangPrabang is by surfing through the internet. Include LuangPrabang when you type in keywords at search engine tool bar to give you accurate results. You can also include “historical hotels” on the keywords to narrow down the results or even your budget. The good thing about searching through the internet is that you can get comprehensive information about the hotel including promos and hotel deals that will allow you to save money on the process.  Also, searching online for information that you need can be convenient and hassle-free. When you have found viable hotels to book from, further narrow your options by comparing the rates, facilities and perks offered by each of the hotel.

Visit Lao National Tourism Administration’s website

One of the surest ways to find a historical resort in LuangPrabang is by visiting the website of their local tourism administration. The agency provides recommended hotels to tourists who would like to take a vacation in the country. You can also be sure that the hotels listed from their website are duly accredited and licensed by their tourism board.

Third party hotel sites

Another way to find an impressive hotel around Luang Prabang is by checking third party sites that cater to different hotels. The good thing about utilizing such type of sites is that you can easily compare and check the websites of different hotels, such as a historical resort in Luang Prabang, in one website. You no longer have to open different windows when you can find all the hotels in the area in a single web source.

Helping Ad Lib Bangkok Luxury Hotel’s Competiveness: Goal Of TAT’s Seminar

The Royal Kingdom of Thailand has been continuing on its course in becoming one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations not just in the Asia Pacific Region, but in the world. Several cities and provinces in Thailand, including the kingdom’s capital city, Bangkok, have been voted as among the most visited tourist destinations all over the world and Bangkok for one, is among the top cities in terms of total expenses spent by tourists during their stay within the city. Despite the significant surge of success of Bangkok’s tourism industry, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has recently announced that there will be a 1-day seminar that will be held during the upcoming Thailand Travel Mart Plus 2017 which is scheduled to take place on June 14 to 16, 2017. The said seminar will be held on June 16 and will be focusing on helping various service providers from the tourism industry such as the Ad Lib Bangkok Luxury Hotel- which offer three accommodation options: Plush Room, Extra Plush Room and, Connecting Room, to furthermore strengthen their hold onto the success that the industry is riding in at the moment.


Aside from working on new mechanisms that will help the tourism industry in Bangkok and, in Thailand in general, the officials of TAT said that through this seminar, they will be able to attract a new and bigger workforce to help improve the growing tourism industry within the kingdom. This include improving competitiveness of Thai personnel especially those who are working at Ad Lib Bangkok Luxury Hotel– located nearby some of the most authentic street food stalls and restaurant in the city, because of the ever-evolving needs of vacationists are needed to be tended  to. In addition to this, TATs officials said that they are hoping that participants from the industry will gain learn new trends and knowledge that is useful to improving the tourism industry, both from the senior tourism officials and, professionals who already have years’ worth of experience in terms of working in the hospitality industry. The said seminar is expected to have around 500 participants which are consisted of three groups: tourism personnel, academic professionals and, students from colleges and universities in the northern part of the kingdom.


New Trends For Hotel Promotion In Bangkok

The capital city of Bangkok in the Kingdom of Thailand, has been reaching new heights in terms of success from the tourism industry. According to the MasterCard Asia Pacific Destination Index, the city of Bangkok is the top city in the Asia Pacific Region in terms of having the highest number of tourist arrivals which recorded 19.3 million tourist arrivals and only second to Singapore in terms of total expenses of tourists spent in a specific destination amounting to 12.7 billion US Dollars. Also, Thailand’s capital city took the lead in terms of the total number of nights spent by vacationists in a destination, recording a record high of 87.6 million total nights spent. In making sure that Bangkok will be able to lure more vacationists in the future, there are new trends that are already trending in doing hotel promotion in Bangkok. Aside from offering big discounts that can reach up to 32% for those who will book their stay 30 days in advance and 15% discount when bookers are booking while using the promo code “BRGS31”, there are other new and latest trends that other hotels should pick up on.

In doing hotel promotion in Bangkok or anywhere in the world, below are some of the newest trends in promoting any sort of hotels that may help your hotel attract more and more customers:

  • To ensure that your promotional method will attract passers-by especially in the Internet, you have to make sure that whatever you are working for your Facebook page or website will have contents that will hopefully attract the attention of the readers. This remains as the most important trend on promoting hotels or any sorts of businesses for that matter.
  • Posting the appropriate video contents in your Facebook pages will help you dominate the promotional war. Experts believing that videos are more interesting ways to educate potential customers about the hotel and the services the customers can avail from the hotel.
  • Email marketing still lives on whether you like it or not. Hotel owners are frequently sending emails to customers, informing them about new things and events that the hotel will be holding in the near future.


Major Attraction All Seasons Building: A Factor to Consider

Hotels, places to stay, bed and breakfasts. Something that is lucrative and extremely popular and successful when it comes to business ventures. One of the secrets of having a successful business in a hotel is the location of the hotel where one will be building and developing it. It should be in the centre of it all, accessible to tourists and travellers, foreign visitors.

There are certain structures and attractions in some places and locations that are key to a more lucrative space. Hotel near All Seasons building is one of the best things to consider in creating and developing along this area. There are a lot of hotels to choose from and in choosing the ideal hotel to stay in when visiting, ensure that these are in the list of priorities and things that one should be considering.

The All Seasons building is one of the main attraction in Bangkok. Complete high-end services are never amiss in this area, food and shopping wants are answered with the high-end restaurants all around, the awe-inspiring shopping centres. Everything is around and about in the All Seasons building. Living in the area even for a short while in the hotel near All Seasons building is an experience that is worth feeling and being part of.

However, one has to note that you have to book early. One has to ensure that you have some place to stay near that area or else you might run out of choices of where to stay near the All Seasons building especially during holidays and peak seasons. If you choose to do vacations and visit during the off-peak season, you can get the accommodations at a lower price.

One of the choices that are open when choosing a hotel near All Seasons building is choosing Aetas Bangkok that is actually near the All Seasons Building. This hotel has different amenities, facilities, and restaurants that can satisfy the cravings and whatever needs that the tourists and travellers have.

So once in Bangkok, choose a hotel that can accommodate and please one’s craving while still being able to curb the budget and ensure that one is still safely within budget. If thinking of investing in a business that is lucrative such as putting money in hotels, ensure that the location chosen is near a major attraction, such as a hotel near All Seasons Building in Bangkok.