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Re purposing Used Leather From Car Seat

Around the world, one of the biggest issues faced by everyone is the amount of waste accumulated every day. It would not be a problem if these wastes decompose naturally and not filling the landfills and polluting the ocean. The problem is that majority of the products sold nowadays are made of synthetic materials that do not decompose unless it has undergone special processes. Others can be recycled such as leather seat covers but without the presence of a recycling facility, it is hard to do so. In South Korea, they have found way to re purpose vehicle waste instead of just dumping them in landfills.

Materials from cars made of leathers are used once again with the help a startup company that utilizes old leather and turns them into fashion accessories. The startup firm was established three years ago and it was a subsidiary of Morethan, an upcycling company that is based in Seoul. The company is called Conti new and they specialize in creating wallets as well as backpacks that are made of used leather that are previously from the interior of vehicles.

The founder of the startup is Ian Choi who is 37 years old. According to him, all the products they are making are done by hand and they only use high quality type of leather which is necessary for leathers used inside vehicles. The leather materials are not only durable but they are also waterproof.

After they have been taken out of the vehicles, it undergoes cleaning, drying, ironing and waxing. From there, the leather is transported to their Seoul factory where the workers will be able to make handcrafted bags.

All materials used are leather wastes already therefore no animals are affected and the process makes use of less amount of water compared to companies that manufacture their own leather material. They are also not required to use dyeing materials because the materials are already being upcycled.

Mr. Choi said that each backpack they make helps save around 1,642 liters of water. The company is proud that they are able to help car manufacturers disposed old leather seat covers as well as interior made of leather.