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Clarifications To The Mobile –First Index And Its Effects To Digital Marketing

This month, Google nudged SEO marketers to the right direction by making clarifications to the mobile-first index while Bing guides in-market audiences and Instagram starts to get more serious with Stories through the addition of ecommerce features. What do these changes mean for digital marketing?

The clarification to the mobile-first index that was announced by Google involves URL’s, crawling changes and mobile speed update. If the hotel has different URLs for mobile vs. desktop, Google will show the searches made through mobile on the mobile URL while searches using the desktop will show on the desktop URL. Websites that are designed with a single URL for mobile and desktop have nothing worry about.

According to Google, crawl count per day will not change, however, the balance will shift from the desktop pages that have been crawled to mostly mobile pages crawled. When Google re-indexes the site, it may temporarily increase crawling.

Google’s speed update is not actually related to mobile-first indexing but it will increase the speed of mobile users. Having a fast and fully responsive website will provide users with a seamless experience for both desktop and mobile devices. When engaging content is posted it will ensure a strong search engine visibility.

The recent announcement of Bing will allow advertisers to target a group of users who are active in the market for a specific product or service category. Bing Ads will consider user purchase intent signals from Bing, MSN and other Microsoft properties when building in-market audiences. According to Bing, pilot participants achieve 28% click-through rates (CTR) and up to 48% higher conversion rates compared to ads that did not have in-market audiences at the same time last year.

It is now more important to ensure that the website reaches the right audience with relevant and meaningful content that resonates with the audience without being intrusive. However, it is not easy to create content that is both informative and fresh. This is the reason why you need Cloud Cartel to help you with content and SEO marketing. Essentially, there are many things that can make search engines favor you over other websites and achieve a higher ranking.

New Investor Joined 11 street Thailand

Behind closed doors in a ห้องประชุม, 11street Thailand was able to secure investment funding from a new entity, Chalermchai Mahagitsiri. It has been a challenging year for the South Korean e-marketplace because of the competition in the industry as well as the struggle they have in looking for local partners that will invest the company.

According to a reliable source that is close with the e-commerce industry, it has already been confirmed that the president as well as chief executive of Thoresen Thai Agencies Plc, Mr. Chalermchai, decided to form a partnership with 11street Thailand through investment.

In the recent financial report published by the Department of Business Development, 11street has now a new group of executive committee including KamolsuthDabbaransi who is KornDabbaransi the former deputy minister’s youngest son, ChalermchaiMahagitisiri and UsanaMahagitsiri.

There is no public announcement regarding the partnership and no details were revealed as well. As of this writing, there is no clear information whether the deal was a joint venture between them or if it was an acquisition.

SK Telecom was the previous owner of 11street Thailand and according to their registry their declared capital is valued at 1.49 billion baht.

Last year, the company suffered a loss worth 943 million baht while in 2016 they also lost another 184 million. The past two consecutive years have been a blow to the company thus they are looking for local investors.

11street Thailand’s chief executive, Jeon Hong-cheol, said in an interview with Bangkok Post that it is the perfect timing for conglomerates to enter the picture along with big corporations because the e-commerce platforms have been waiting for it. Missing this timing could lead to a regrettable decision later on.

Mr. Jeon added that the investment opportunity in the firm is only open until 2022. It is expected that the platforms of the top players in the industry will be able to earn as much as 32.96 billion baht from gross merchandise value.

Despite the goal of 11street Thailand to be the leading firm in the industry, finding strategic partnership has been a struggle. It took a number of discussions in ห้องประชุมbefore they are able to find one in their new investor.

Tips To Get The Perfect Finishing When Plastering The Wall In A Do-It-Yourself Project

Plastering helps the walls get a perfect mirror finish. If you are planning to plaster your walls in a do-it-yourself project, here are some tips to help you get the attractive smooth finish for the walls.

Plastering walls needs a lot of time and effort. If you do not have the patience and time, the perfect solution to plastering your walls is to contact an expert plasterer in Sydney to help you with the project. But if you have enough time on your hand, follow the guide to plaster you walls like an expert.

  1. The first step before you start plastering is to prepare the wall surface to be plastered. The surface should be skimmed properly before starting the plastering process.
  2. If you want to use a plaster board, there is no need of skimming the surface.
  3. If your wall has an existing plaster and you want to skim it, first prepare the surface with PVA bonding. Consult a professional plasterer in Sydney, if you are not sure about how to go on the process of plastering.
  4. Use clean tools and buckets for holding the materials. As any bits of plaster or dust on the equipment will ruin the finishing.
  5. Start with mixing plaster in water. Take water in a bucket first and add little amounts of plaster slowly, so that you can get the desired consistency. Mix using a plaster drill and take time until you get a smooth mix.
  6. Wet plaster is a conductor of electricity so it is advisable to shut down all electric equipment and tape loose wiring.
  7. Most of the experienced plasterer in Sydney advise to plan the process in advance. You should never start plastering two adjoining walls at the same time as the join will not get a smooth finishing.
  8. Always give two coats of plastering to hide any marks and rough edges. Start the polishing process only after giving two coats of plastering.
  9. Keep the room well ventilated and cool as hot temperatures make the plaster to dry fast and applying dry plaster is difficult. Work fast and try to finish plastering as soon as possible.
  10. If you feel the necessity of an expert help, contact professional plasterer in Sydney to correct your mistakes and complete the project.

What You Get With A Server Motherboard In Thailand

Some of the prominent businesses buy server motherboard in Thailand all for different roles. It’s a great thing to see what exactly is inside. You will notice that the server components are similar to most PC components. The only difference they have is the storage capacity and speed of servers.

Motherboard: If you buy a server motherboard in Thailand, you’ll notice that it’s similar to a PC motherboard. This is what brings many other components together. The motherboard is the body of the server where electric circuitry and other components are attached to it. The chipset, input/output ports, hard drive controller and memory are all parts of the motherboard. It can also provide housing for components like network interface and graphic adapter. Modern-day computers come with a circuitry built-in to the motherboard. If the motherboard is defective, the system itself will fail.

Processor: Another significant component is the central processing unit or processor. It will process the data that passes by the componentry. The processor is actually the brains of the server and will greatly affect the system performance. There may also be other components helping out for its success.

Memory: This is something you should always have enough. In fact, it was Bill Gates who said you should have 720KB RAM or memory. Today, people now use gigabytes. Invest more money in memory and you’ll surely go a long, long way.

Hard Drive: it’s where you’ll keep your electronic files. You should get something that will suit your needs for many years. Besides hard drive memory is relatively cheap.

Video Card: This component is remarkably different from a PC. If you got a server motherboard in Thailand, you’ll see that it doesn’t use sophisticated graphic cars. The best way is to go generic for this item.

Network Connections: On the motherboard are some network adapters, which you need to understand when it’s connected to other computers. It’s an expensive box which keeps many fancy components and gadgetry.

Power Supply: This is important as you will be using more power than what PCs normally use. If you have several hard drivers kept within the box, you will need a bigger power supply to run it.

What Happens Behind E-Sports League Of Legends Competitions

The popularity of e-sports is so sudden that it took the world by storm. It became an industry on its own with players training to become professionals, players making their own game reviews online and players who are streaming their games online among many others. The game developers are earning big and the players are making a name of their own in the industry. League of Legends is one of the most popular video game with frequent tournaments held.

The company that is responsible for developing the game, Riot Games, even started hosting their own tournaments that they decided to design a trophy to be awarded during championship games. While they have a few challenges designing it, they were not prepared for the actual weight of the trophy after it was completed. It weighs a whooping 70 pounds.

According to Riot Games’ vice president, Dustin Beck, the trophy can only be lifted with the help of five people. The trophy is called Summoner’s Cup and it looks similar to a huge chalice with silver plating. Game of Thrones fans might have thought it to be one the show’s props if they don’t have any idea what it was for.

Thomas Lyte was the British company that manufactured the trophy. Riot Games decided to send it back to lessen the weight but after taking away five pounds from it, the trophy is still unexpectedly heavy. Despite the weight, millions of players all over the world are vying to get their hands on the trophy.

The next finals tournament is happening on October 19 and it is going to be organized in a World Cup stadium because they are expecting that around 40,000 fans will be attending the event. In the previous year, a team from South Korea won the Summoner’s Cup and 32 million people came to watch the event. Aside from the trophy, the winning team also got the prize money of $1 million. it was held at Los Angeles at the Staples Center.

It is expected that thousands of game reviews will come out right after this year’s tournament and Riot Games is already excited because they have been hands on in organizing everything for the event right down to the music.

Re purposing Used Leather From Car Seat

Around the world, one of the biggest issues faced by everyone is the amount of waste accumulated every day. It would not be a problem if these wastes decompose naturally and not filling the landfills and polluting the ocean. The problem is that majority of the products sold nowadays are made of synthetic materials that do not decompose unless it has undergone special processes. Others can be recycled such as leather seat covers but without the presence of a recycling facility, it is hard to do so. In South Korea, they have found way to re purpose vehicle waste instead of just dumping them in landfills.

Materials from cars made of leathers are used once again with the help a startup company that utilizes old leather and turns them into fashion accessories. The startup firm was established three years ago and it was a subsidiary of Morethan, an upcycling company that is based in Seoul. The company is called Conti new and they specialize in creating wallets as well as backpacks that are made of used leather that are previously from the interior of vehicles.

The founder of the startup is Ian Choi who is 37 years old. According to him, all the products they are making are done by hand and they only use high quality type of leather which is necessary for leathers used inside vehicles. The leather materials are not only durable but they are also waterproof.

After they have been taken out of the vehicles, it undergoes cleaning, drying, ironing and waxing. From there, the leather is transported to their Seoul factory where the workers will be able to make handcrafted bags.

All materials used are leather wastes already therefore no animals are affected and the process makes use of less amount of water compared to companies that manufacture their own leather material. They are also not required to use dyeing materials because the materials are already being upcycled.

Mr. Choi said that each backpack they make helps save around 1,642 liters of water. The company is proud that they are able to help car manufacturers disposed old leather seat covers as well as interior made of leather.

How The Internet Helps Find A Japanese Cuisine In Bangkok?

In so many years, eating out has become one of the popular pastimes of people of all ages. People are provided with a variety of choices when it comes to food and the number of amazing restaurants to dine on a regular basis. If we wanted a Japanese cuisine in Bangkok, we will just have to find something closest to our neighbourhood. We have various options to choose for every cuisine we like to taste. And to choose the best foods from the best Japanese restaurant, we usually resort to the Internet.

The restaurant industry has developed tremendously that customers will just have to choose between Mexican, Thai and Japanese courses from restaurants located in the same area. As competition gets fiercer, the Internet happens to be the best place to promote and defeat other restaurants. Before we start visiting Japanese restaurants, we try to search on the Web for a possible Japanese cuisine in Bangkok to taste before we get inside their restaurant. The Internet has been trusted with all the searches and sources for Japanese food. One can easily pick up his preference and they’re ready to go.

If you’re looking for a great Japanese restaurant in Bangkok, try searching the Internet for the best deals. Just ensure you can be a member of any of these sites to fully enjoy all the benefits which come to having a membership account. Keep in mind that the Internet provides a long list of Japanese restaurants to try. The cuisines and ethnicities are also something to look forward to. You may need to spend some time searching for what you really like. But the resources are better than manually looking for great Japanese restaurants.

Save time in your search for great Japanese restaurants in Bangkok. You can customise your search and narrow down your choices. You’ll surely be getting a 100% accurate results. You will just have to check their addresses and contact details. This will help you make a reservation and to find the exact location of the restaurant. The next step is to visit the restaurant and choose a Japanese cuisine in Bangkok to feast in.