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Aluminium Product Manufacturing For Automotive Industry

There are more and more things which aluminium can be used. There’s no surprise in the fact that aluminium product manufacturing has never been this active owing to the fact that more and more industries are now employing the use of such substance in their own unique way. To begin with, aluminium has been proven to be more environment-friendly to the point that we are now seeing more and more car manufacturers replacing steel bars in cars with layers of aluminium because of the low emission of Carbon Dioxide it can  give to the cars plus the fact that it lowers the energy consumption of the cars. And, imagine this, a kilogram of aluminium can hastily replace two kilograms of steel bars- thus making the cars way lighter, can move way faster and consume lesser energy because of their lighter weights. In common car sense, a lighter car can accelerate and brake more efficiently because of the mere fact that aluminium is one substance that can give more benefits than any other materials including steel.

One of the benefits why aluminium product manufacturing has been useful for the automotive industry is that it gives the cars the ability to become resistant against corrosion which is one of the major causes of accidents involving cars because corrosion eradicates parts of the cars. Aside from making cars resistant to corrosion, aluminium-induced vehicles have the perfect combination of strength and low amount of mass which is a helpful combination in improving fuel economy.

In the past, the automotive industry was only employing the use of aluminium to high-end vehicles including the famous Audi R8, the Jaguar XJR and the Tesla Model S which one of the primers of cars that can run on electricity. Nowadays, more and more auto makers are using aluminium in normal vehicles such as sedans and even trucks. In addition to this, auto makers are continuing in their pursue if newer and better ways to assemble and join together aluminium components in a car because assembling components using the conventional way using rivets and adhesives were adding additional expenses to the makers themselves plus the fact that the old methods have faced safety issues especially when the cars have started hitting the road.

Top Features Of Visual Studio To Learn On Training

One of the most in demand courses in the computer programming world nowadays is Visual Studio. This is the reason why there is an increased number of individuals who take Visual Studio training whether to learn the course to start a programming career or to enhance their knowledge on Visual Studio. With the right training on Visual Studio, a student can learn the basics of developing a website, crafting web applications and doing web services. In 2012, Microsoft released several new features to Visual Studios. These developments will also be discussed during Visual Studio training. Some of the new features include the following:

Apps for Windows 8

Among the features of Visual Studio are the tools you would need to develop Windows 8 applications starting from templates, designers and testing down to debugging. There is also an available Visual Studio installation of visual tools that can create Windows store apps utilizing HTML/CSS and XAML. Learning to use these tools will enable you to develop amazing applications that you can send to Windows Store.

HTML5/CSS3 Support

At Visual Studio training, you will learn how to access support for different systems such as HTML5 and CSS3. You will also gain access to ASP.NET MVC4 and Razor support including an improved support and debugging features for JavaScript and Intellisense. Part of the training includes game development support and debugging of multi-threaded XNA games.

Semantic Code Analysis

Going through training for Microsoft’s Visual Studio also allows students to learn how to do Code Analysis including semantic code analysis. Students learn not just to develop syntax but also to understand the logic of the code created. Because of this, students learn how to do refactoring better.

 Improvements in Team Development

There are several features included in the Visual Studio package. However, most of its features centre on Team Foundation Server 2012. This feature allows for code reviews, offline work spaces and enhanced tools.  Along with the improvements are in Agile/Scrum management together with the new TFS Scrum Project template. These and more can be learnt with Visual Studio training.

How To Choose Material Handling Equipment Manufacturer

Finding a material handling equipment manufacturer is not that challenging. You can ask your friends in the industry or research on the internet and you can easily find a manufacturer that can deliver your needs. However, because the internet will surely yield numerous results, you may find choosing a daunting task. To help you with the choosing, take a look at this guide.

Opt for more offered products

Of all the manufacturers that you would encounter over the internet, choose one that offers more products. This way, you no longer have to bounce from one manufacture website to another. Although this would not be physically tasking, this could be confusing and you may end up missing out on your other equipment that you also need to buy. Also, you get a better opportunity to save money when you purchase items from a single material handling equipment manufacturer. With a minimum amount, some manufacturers offer freebies, extended warranties, free deliveries and other perks. You can also ask the sales representative if they could possibly provide discount on your items since you purchase in bulk.

Offer product customization

The good thing about buying straight from the manufacturer is that you can easily ask for the unit to be customized based on your requirement; a thing distributors cannot do. You can ask the maker of your needed heavy duty equipment to alter the size, make, design and other specification that you may deem important for the result that you require. Although product customization can cost more than standard products, you can be sure though that you will have the item at exactly what you need and aim for.

Affordable equipment

By purchasing from a material handling equipment manufacturer, you avoid mark ups imposed by distributors and resellers including fees collected by middle men or sales agents. This way, you spend lesser than you normally would. And because manufacturers purchase their raw materials in bulk, you can be sure that their products would be lowered compared to those that you can find in local hardware stores and dealers in your area.

Singapore’s Road To Cashless And Cardless Transactions

In the future, Singaporeans will be able to pay in the counter through voice recognition software according to EZ-Link CEO Nicholas Lee.

The voice initiates the payment in place of a credit card swipe or a contact-free card wave. The voice trigger is seen with the launch of Android Pay and Apple Pay. It can also be a thumbprint or an iris scan.

EZ-Link payment method

EZ-Link is already transitioning to becoming an account based and payment solutions provider after just being a stored value card for Singaporeans. This account based system means that these EZ-Link cards will be linked to bank accounts as well as getting topped up while on the go.

Lee said that they are already behind the game and that they need to accelerate themselves. They have already been collaborating with Mastercard and Visa.

Last month, Mastercard and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced that an account based ticketing system will be launch before the end of the year. This will allow those already registered Mastercard holders to use their debit or credit cards on buses and trains. Thus, this eliminates the need for transit cards and top-ups.

Changing with the modern times

EZ-Link’s evolution is head to head with the company NETS which is owned by 3 of Singapore’s local banks.

It was also from LTA’s actions that pushed NETS to future proof its company’s business. LTA announced earlier this year that a new Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system will be launched in 2020.

Ang Sok Hong who is the head of Sales and Marketing said that they don’t want to wait to change until then. He added that they are building towards the payment system for 2020. They are looking to accept virtual wallets at car parks islandwide.

Ang adds that the banks are always asking to have them put out more of their NETS payment terminals. This is because banks want a decrease in ATM queues and ATMs in the market.


Companies definitely need to accelerate their app development Singapore since people want convenience aside from the need increasing with the times.

Disney And MakieLab On 3D Printing Outfits For Dolls

When you think Walt Disney Co. has tried everything there is, the company is now trying their hand in 3D printing market. It was only recently that the doll designer MakieLab which creates 3D printed dolls began selling them with outfits that have Disney branded patterns such as Maleficent and Minnie Mouse.

This is how the system works – a child will be able to visit the online website of MakieLab and from there on choose the basic design for the doll they want. Customization can be made on various doll parts such as the eye color, hair and its skin tone. They will also have the option to choose the outfit they prefer. After picking and deciding the final outcome, the design will then be forwarded to MakieLab. This is where the company starts making a print of the physical doll which is in 3D. The printer used is an industrial type with dimensions six by eight feet. After that, the dolls are fitted into their clothes and then all are ready for shipping.

The London-based company, MakieLab, has an office located in Los Angeles. The company together with Disney has made arrangements to customize the range of Star Darlings products as well which is the latest Disney brand.

According to Kevin Mayer, the chief strategy officer of Disney, the 3D printing technology they are using will play a very essential part in the company’s future. Disney merchandises that can be personalized with children’s name are the biggest hits in both Disney stores and theme parks. The big difference with 3D printing is that they can customize the product in a more sophisticated and detailed manner plus they can do this at the convenience of their own homes. This is made possible by the product designer tools used by MakieLab in their online website.

There are other technological innovations that are being utilized by Disney already such as printing children’s faces on Iron Man and Star Wars products. Another 3D company is in partnership with Disney, the Open Bionics, which is prosthetic maker. The partnership will enable them to create limbs that are based in Disney characters which will surely bring joy to kids who use them.

Cadillac XTS Limousines Converted To CNG For MGM Resorts International

Contrary to what people say about Bellagio Limousines, you can rent a limo even if you are not rich. Anyone can rent a limo for an event because there are no restrictions. There are even apps that make renting easy and very convenient. Is the price cost effective? Yes it is because a limo can accommodate as much as 15 passengers including the driver. Besides that, you are able to travel in comfort and class and you can arrive in an event in style.

MGM Resorts International, a Nevada-based gaming, hospitality and entertainment company and World CNG which is an alternative fuel technology provider have introduced to the United States the very first compressed natural gas (CNG) Cadillac XTS limousines. The luxury limousines are 22 feet in length and considered as the 3rd generation of CNG-fueled limousines in the MGM Resorts fleet.

The Cadillac XTS limousines are considered as stretch limousines and they are 70 inches longer than traditional limos. They are the first XTS limos that have been certified by Cadillac and the first-ever Cadillac XTS models to be converted to CNG. The conversion to CNG has resulted into a production of only 1/9th of the emissions of its predecessor, the discontinued gasoline-powered Lincoln Town Car limos.

Besides providing the highest standards in guest service, MGM Resorts continuously challenges the status quo in environmental sustainability. ARIA Resort and Casino was the first resort in the company that introduced the luxury limos to its fleet. At present, MGM Resorts has 31 CNG Cadillac XTS limousines servicing guests at ARIA, Bellagio Resort & Casino, MGM Grand Las Vegas and Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

According to Garret Alpers who is the President and CEO of World CNG, MGM Resorts aims to set a new standard for sustainability, safety and technology in its fleet with the CNG Cadillac limos. The one-of-a-kind limos are the products of passion for sustainability and environmental stewardship.

The new Cadillac XTS limos will join the family of other CNG vehicles in MGM Resorts luxury transportation portfolio. In 2013, World CNG in partnership with MGM Resorts has introduced the nation’s first ever commercial fleet composed of CNG Cadillac Escalades.

SMILE, The Better Procedure In Lowering Dry Eye Disease Rate

There have been advancements in laser vision correction Belfast recently as reports have shown that those who underwent small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) instead of Lasik surgery have had lower chances of suffering from post-refractive surgery dry eye disease.

Small incision lenticule extraction, or SMILE, is one of the newest laser eye surgery techniques used to treat short-sightedness. SMILE uses femtosecond technology to create a thin circular disc of tissue called lenticule, which is removed through incision in the cornea. The incision made through SMILE is significantly smaller at only 4mm compared to that of the 20mm of Lasik surgery.

Advocates of the SMILE techniques claim that every benefit a patient gets from Lasik is available through SMILE but without a corneal flap due to the smaller incision made in the cornea.

Alexandre Denoyer, a medical doctor, conducted a post-operation study on 30 patients who underwent SMILE procedure and then compared them to 30 who underwent laser eye surgery through Lasik.

Denoyer and his colleagues wrote in their study called Ophthalmology that it is important to understand what causes post-refractive dry eye disease because a better understanding would help develop newer and safer procedures such as SMILE.

They also wrote that understanding the mechanisms that of post-refractive dry eye disease would determine the risk factors that such a disease would cause to the eye due to surgery.

In their study, Denoyer and his colleagues found that those who underwent Lasik had a higher rate of suffering from dry eye disease a month after operation compared to those who underwent SMILE. However, both groups were shown to have high to moderate rates of suffering from the disease only that Lasik showed a higher rate.

Corneal sensitivity for those who underwent the SMILE procedure was also better after a month compared to those in the Lasik group who were able to attain similar corneal sensitivity only after six months post operation.

The results have led Denoyer and his colleagues to conclude that the SMILE procedure affects the ocular surface and the cornea at a les pronounced rate compared to the effects of Lasik and that such are the reasons why dry eye disease happens at a lesser rate in SMILE compared to that of Lasik.