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Clarifications To The Mobile –First Index And Its Effects To Digital Marketing

This month, Google nudged SEO marketers to the right direction by making clarifications to the mobile-first index while Bing guides in-market audiences and Instagram starts to get more serious with Stories through the addition of ecommerce features. What do these changes mean for digital marketing?

The clarification to the mobile-first index that was announced by Google involves URL’s, crawling changes and mobile speed update. If the hotel has different URLs for mobile vs. desktop, Google will show the searches made through mobile on the mobile URL while searches using the desktop will show on the desktop URL. Websites that are designed with a single URL for mobile and desktop have nothing worry about.

According to Google, crawl count per day will not change, however, the balance will shift from the desktop pages that have been crawled to mostly mobile pages crawled. When Google re-indexes the site, it may temporarily increase crawling.

Google’s speed update is not actually related to mobile-first indexing but it will increase the speed of mobile users. Having a fast and fully responsive website will provide users with a seamless experience for both desktop and mobile devices. When engaging content is posted it will ensure a strong search engine visibility.

The recent announcement of Bing will allow advertisers to target a group of users who are active in the market for a specific product or service category. Bing Ads will consider user purchase intent signals from Bing, MSN and other Microsoft properties when building in-market audiences. According to Bing, pilot participants achieve 28% click-through rates (CTR) and up to 48% higher conversion rates compared to ads that did not have in-market audiences at the same time last year.

It is now more important to ensure that the website reaches the right audience with relevant and meaningful content that resonates with the audience without being intrusive. However, it is not easy to create content that is both informative and fresh. This is the reason why you need Cloud Cartel to help you with content and SEO marketing. Essentially, there are many things that can make search engines favor you over other websites and achieve a higher ranking.

Benefits Of Putting Videos In Your Website

When you are in the process of planning on what to put in your website, whether it’s for your business, or for your personal blog where you write about your thoughts or opinions about certain things, everything that you will be thinking about must be for the sake of gathering more and more traffic for your potential website. Why? What’s the point of putting up a fancy website if nobody cares to even look at your website? You see, that’s the problem most newbie web developers encounter especially at the early stages of their career. Nobody bothers to check out their website due to various reasons, whether they are simply boring or they don’t simply put any up useful information that can make visitors stay for a long period of time.

Now, one way to hype up your website and eventually, gain larger volume of traffic that is coming in and out of your website is adding various videos into your websites. You see, adding videos, whether they’re animated flash videos or videos showing various do-it-yourself tips, has been a common practice even among professional web developers because it encourages more and more visitors to check out their website. Below are benefits you will enjoy if you properly put up videos in your website:

  • Videos are better tools for allowing visitors to receive whatever message that your website is desperately trying to deliver. In fact, videos are obviously better and more interesting than just plain texts.
  • While you can use words to tell visitors about your products that you are selling in your website, why not show everything in one or multiple videos? You see, videos in a website serve as the primary key to successfully showing your products to the visitors and eventually, luring them into buying.
  • The more unique videos you have in your website, the bigger volume will come into your website. You see, unique videos can do more marketing than words and pictures combined. They also add up to the liveliness of the entire website, making it more interesting for the visitors and eventually, potential more visitors.