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Rehab Facility In Soweto To Help Addicts Reach Sobriety

The very first drug rehab facility was launched at the city of Joburg because of the rising number of people who are addicted with drug. Some of them are young people that were addicted to using nyaope. This is good news for many because they have seen the impact of California detox clinic and they are hoping that the same good is going to happen with the introduction of the facility.

Herman Mashaba, the mayor of Joburg, together with Dr. Mpho Phalatse of mayoral committee for health and social development, were present during the official launch of the facility. It is located in Soweto and called the Tladi Community Based Substance Abuse Treatment Centre.

The facility is a program spearheaded by the city in order to answer the growing problem of drug abuse in communities with the highest rates recorded. Mashaba said that drug addicts are becoming such a big problem for the community that it has already caught the nation’s attention.

He further explained that many families are plagued with the negative impact of drugs, domestic abuse is becoming a too common occurrence and family members are fighting against one another just to satisfy their need for drugs.

They are saddened by the fact that their hometowns are no longer the same including the villages, suburbs and towns. Drugs have caused their society to crumble and people are already starting to ignore the authority of the law.

The mayor has also heard about complaints that the drug dealers are partnering with the police in order to get away with what they are doing. This is they the Tladi community is making their stand by constructing the rehab facility.

Mashaba added that the silence of the people is the main reason why drugs continue to prosper and those who are dealing are not punished according to the law. They are following suit with places that are trying to change things by creating centers such as the California detox clinic which is designed to help addicts reach a point where they can move on and start with a clean slate once more. At the end of the day, drugs impact not just the addict but everyone around them.