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Real Estate Shows Off Canvas Featuring Activism

Art is a form of expression in so many ways such as a personalised word art. There is a unique new art project by the public located in the chaotic capital city of California. The project is found outside an abandoned bank property.

The project is a video projection that was installed outside of the building. It is referred to as “beacon” and it confronts different issues in the society including the struggle of being black while living in America. This is a hot issue after Philando Castile and the senseless shooting that happened to him which was caused by a police officer. Other issues are also tackled such as consent and migration. The project began showing on May 22 and will be up and running until July 22. In total, it will feature about 50 artists – both local and international.

According to the owner of the company that installed the project, Tre Borden, the main goal of the project is to show a context that will stir the people’s empathy. It is also a medium for people and organizations to show what they want since there are no other effective method.

The featured artist for the previous week was Marcellus Armstrong. He introduced the artwork called “Break’ing”. It emphasizes on survival and resilience of a black individual when subjected to a violent situation.

He said that he was broken upon hearing the news of the verdict imposed on Philando Castile. He admitted that he felt broken not just every week but it has been happening almost every day. By being broken often, how does one survive through it? The work Break’ing shows how there is strength as one is being broken and this moments are recorded through the project.

Aside from recorded moments, there are also images coming from black beauty magazine, poetry of the spoken word and a photo essay. For a person who is influenced by art, it is best to channel emotions through these pieces. There are many forms of art in which one can pull strength from such as a personalised word art that contains a favorite quote.

Advantages Of Buying A Condo For Sale Pattaya

Whether you purchase a condo on the beach front or somewhere downtown, you can never go wrong with condos in Pattaya. If your lifestyle fits living in a condo such as a young professional, starting to build a family or a retired professional who wants to streamline expenses and size of a regular home, a condo unit is best for you. You can easily find a condo for sale Pattaya online or even in your local newspaper at the classified ads area. If you are battling between renting and buying a condo, the best thing for you to do is check the pros and cons of the two. Some of the advantages of buying a condo include the following:

More affordable

Compared to buying a single detach home, a condo is more affordable. If you still need to save up for your dream home, a condo should be your first step to having a place to live while preparing for a real home. Condos have the modern amenities found in a luxurious home without the need for you to spend for its construction.


While it could mean spending a handsome amount to include a refreshing pool or a fitness center into your dream house, you can have these amenities and more if you would opt to condo for sale Pattaya. Condos have fun amenities such as a clubhouse, jogging tracks, playground and other amenities that are not present in an average home.

Safe and secure

Condos are manned by professional security personnel complete with CCTVs and locked entries. This way, you can sleep sound knowing that a group of uniformed men are doing the rounds guarding your area. This is something that you cannot have if you buy a residential home, unless you would hire dedicated security personnel which of course, can be expensive. In cases of emergency, you have neighbors beside your front door so you will have somebody to help you right away. You also do not have to worry about maintenance because it is already included when you buy condo for sale in Pattaya.