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Monitor Your Employees With A Time Attendance Software

When you run a company, you basically need to have the right kind of administration qualities and the best instruments to ensure things are done well. It is your job to delegate daily tasks to your various employees and ensure that they understand your instruction, what they are supposed to do, and search for ways to monitor everything that is being completed around the business. You also need a time attendance software to ensure that they come and work on time and see the number of hours they have worked.

Most entrepreneurs and managers find it difficult to monitor the quantity of hours that people are working and the days that they are off-duty. The best instrument to ensure you keep track of all this information is to provide a time attendance software, which your employees should be aware of. This program is user-friendly and can suffice the manual time sheets that your employees could do when your system is not automated.

With this program, you can prepare a spreadsheet for everyone in the department and your whole office as well. The spreadsheet can provide a timetable on what days they can be working and for how long they have worked. This should also cover if they have rendered extended hours of work or over time. Your workers will also know if there will be a need to go overtime with the tasks they are doing.

Another great benefit you can do with the software is to monitor the number of days your employee has been on leave or sick. Never consider employees to remember their days of leave without proper documentation. It is actually you who should monitor these days. But you can tell them how much leave or sick credits they need to consume, and the number of days they are paid.

So if you are opting for a time attendance software, ensure that you have checked various providers about this system. You may need to study the system before you have it implemented to your business. You also need to know if the software can handle a huge number of people working for your business. You will also find out that there are those for larger corporations and smaller businesses.

Benefits Of Putting Videos In Your Website

When you are in the process of planning on what to put in your website, whether it’s for your business, or for your personal blog where you write about your thoughts or opinions about certain things, everything that you will be thinking about must be for the sake of gathering more and more traffic for your potential website. Why? What’s the point of putting up a fancy website if nobody cares to even look at your website? You see, that’s the problem most newbie web developers encounter especially at the early stages of their career. Nobody bothers to check out their website due to various reasons, whether they are simply boring or they don’t simply put any up useful information that can make visitors stay for a long period of time.

Now, one way to hype up your website and eventually, gain larger volume of traffic that is coming in and out of your website is adding various videos into your websites. You see, adding videos, whether they’re animated flash videos or videos showing various do-it-yourself tips, has been a common practice even among professional web developers because it encourages more and more visitors to check out their website. Below are benefits you will enjoy if you properly put up videos in your website:

  • Videos are better tools for allowing visitors to receive whatever message that your website is desperately trying to deliver. In fact, videos are obviously better and more interesting than just plain texts.
  • While you can use words to tell visitors about your products that you are selling in your website, why not show everything in one or multiple videos? You see, videos in a website serve as the primary key to successfully showing your products to the visitors and eventually, luring them into buying.
  • The more unique videos you have in your website, the bigger volume will come into your website. You see, unique videos can do more marketing than words and pictures combined. They also add up to the liveliness of the entire website, making it more interesting for the visitors and eventually, potential more visitors.

Ways To Improve Ecommerce Conversions

The US retail ecommerce sales is projected to be worth $460 billion by 2017. And within 3 years, it is predicted to grow to $700 billion. Ecommerce is a huge business and online retailers know this. But how can they continue and improve their sales?

Conversion rate optimization is the answer. This is a process by which it aims to increase the number of completed purchases by users on a website. Ecommerce is constantly evolving, and because of that, many online retailers are still struggling with the process. Even ecommerce businesses that already have processes employed still find that there is still more room for improvement.

Here are ways to improve ecommerce conversions.


A clear messaging works in getting customers connected with a brand to an emotional level. The core value and purpose of the brand should be visible in the homepage. This is a cue to reassure customers that they are in the right place.

Site Performance

Ecommerce websites have to look good especially on mobile devices, no tiny text or images, no distorted formatting, no blown-up images. This also means content need to be vertically aligned.

For mobile performance, load times must be quick, and content is formatted for mobile consumption.

Website Navigation

Mega-menus help users to finding products, when a site has a wide array of products and product categories.

Breadcrumbs also assist users while in the shopping process.

Product Page Optimization

The key to a great product copy is having thorough and compelling descriptions that completely involve a product’s key attributes and its benefits.

The most crucial element for a product page which is optimized for a conversion is high-quality photography. The products need to be showcased close up and in various angles.

Product videos are effective in giving more confidence to customers about the product they are buying. Videos allow for them to see the products in action and how people interact with them. Based from a survey conducted by eMarketer, decided per category, 68 to 90 percent of the respondents found that products videos are useful.

Checkout Process

The full cost has to be transparent from a cart level until the final step in the checkout process.

Aside from cost transparency, the process has to be transparent, too. Visual cues showing where a customer is during the checkout process gives an assurance that the process is going to be short will make them complete it.

In sum, when a company or brand focuses on conversion first through these 5 key methods, it is not difficult to increase or boost sales.