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Latest Crackdown Could Have The Biggest Impact On Bangkok

Whenever one thinks of the bustling city of Bangkok, it is inevitable to think about the wonderful temples, the lively night life, the largest and busiest day and night markets and most especially the street food which is known all over the globe. These are the reasons why many tourists are attracted to visit the country, not to mention the free upgrade in Bangkok hotel deal that they find online at various times of the year. All of this might be the same except for the future of street food.

Almost everywhere you go, you will be engulfed by the sound of the cooking spices and the fresh seafood that are sizzling on the pan. You can see pad Thai being cooked by one vendor while another one is serving a steaming tom yum soup.

The street food in the country is not only patronized by locals but it is only one of the reasons why many foreign guests visit Thailand. According to an estimate, there are about 400,000 vendors that are currently operating in the metropolis.

The issue lies with the fact that many of these vendors are illegally operating and the carts are the reason why the streets are crowded, the hygiene on the road is questionable and problems arising from environmental concerns arose.

According to SBS, at the beginning of the year, WanlopSuwandee who is the chief advisor of the governor of Bangkok said that authorities are also on the process of eliminating street food stalls all over the 50 districts of the city.

He said that street vendors have claimed the pavement space for quite a long time already and since they have been allocated with proper space and products which they can sell legally, there is no reason for them to not perform the operation. All street vendors will have no choice but to move into the designated selling space. There will be no exceptions.

After the statement, Wanlop gave another opposing statement to CNN which says that the Bangkok Metropolitan Association are not banning street food in the roads covered by Khao San and Yaowarat but, in fact, they are encouraging the vendors by making sure they are following hygienic measures as well as by making sure traffic is not affected in these areas. This reorganization is better than a complete ban since many who are availing of the free upgrade in Bangkok hotel deal are excited to visit the country because of the well-known street food in the city.

Freedom Of Expression Exhibited Through Art

There are many ways by which one person can express his or her freedom as an individual. There are those that create word art, paint on canvas, write a song or dance their heart out. Being able to express one’s feeling through an activity which they love is as liberating as speaking up. This is what happened during one afternoon at the Company’s Garden. They have set up a large canvas with nothing on it yet. Passersby have seen the staffs erect the canvas and are very much curious as to what it could be for.

Later on that same day, they are able to fully grasp what the purpose of the blank canvas is.

As soon as the paint jars have arrived, Albert Fritz who is the MEC of social development was the first person to create a stroke on the canvas. He wrote a simple phrase that embodies the youth of today’s generation. After contributing to the canvas, he invited other guests who are present to follow suit.

A few minutes after, one will be able to witness how the plain canvas started to transform as it is filled with colors.

After he has written his part on the canvas, Fritz shared that the idea was conceptualized by young people and they are specifically targeting young people as well.

Fritz said that he wrote the phrase because he is confident that the youth of this generation is able to accomplish whatever they set their hearts to and many of them are great individuals.

According to 23 years old Laurnelle Dolan who is a member of Africa Unite, the activity gave them a voice. The project was created in the hope that young people will have an outlet wherein they can share whatever their concerns are regarding the current government as well as help solve the problem of social ills that is currently blanketing South Africa.

As the day comes to an end, the blank canvas is no more as there are colorful marks left, word art created to show off their favorite inspirational quote and some decided to leave their handprints.

How To Choose A Madarao Ski Resort In Japan

If your idea of a holiday is skiing with your family or loved ones up in the slopes of Japan, the first thing that you should look for is a Madarao Ski Resort where you can book your vacation needs with the entire family. There are ski resorts that are designed for adults, but you can also find ones that offer child-friendly facilities and amenities suited to child guests. Before placing your booking reservations at the hotel, inquire from your target resort if they accommodate children including their facilities that support young guests. Aside from the information given to you by the resort staff, you can also determine a child-friendly resort with the following indications.

Child-friendly accommodations

Find out from the ski resort if they have a kid’s park or amusement center where young children can safely enjoy and socialize with other children. The kid’s park should be equipped with the modern facilities that allow children to enjoy the snow without any danger of hurting themselves. Find out if the resort has a snow escalator or a surface lift where your children can get to different levels in the resort without physical exhaustion or stressed up or you getting stressed with carrying them around. Ski resorts are located in high mountain slopes and without these child-friendly facilities, getting around the area and moving to different levels can be challenging.

Child care

One of the things that you should also look for in Madarao Ski Resort is their nursing or child care facility. This way, even if you have toddlers or young kids with you, you can still enjoy the outdoors since you have a safe and entertaining place for them to stay at. Nurseries in ski resorts take in children from 1 year old and above. With your kids in the nursery, you have peace of mind that they are safe in the property.

Beginner Course

Look for a Madarao Ski Resort that offers beginner course for children and for those who are less experienced in skiing. This way, you expose your children to the beauty of nature and physical activities at a very young age.

Aussie Designers Of Wedding Dresses Expecting The Pippa Middleton Effect

If you think about Rebecca Judd, you might remember the effect on Australians after her wedding day. Everyone wanted to have the same wedding dress as her. The same thing is expected by Aussie based wedding dress designers after the wedding of Pippa Middleton was over. It expected to drive a trend in ordinary brides looking to wed in Australia. Not just the dress but party equipment hire in Melbourne are all bracing themselves for the Pippa Middleton’s wedding effect.

A day after the wedding, Australian wedding dress designers admitted that they have already prepared themselves for an influx of bridal gown requests inspired by Pippa’s wedding dress.

The sister of the Duchess of Cambridge wore to her wedding day a design by Giles Deacon. The dress comes with a high neck and the sleeves are capped and decorated with silk cotton lace by hand. The overall look was seamless.

Helen Manuell, a bridal couturier in Australia, said that there will be brides who will be asking for elements used in the wedding dress of Pippa Middleton in the coming weddings.

She added that many brides will want to covet that demure look without compromising the fashion sense of today’s era. The beauty of the gown took the eyes of the audience on her capped sleeve because it showed of how great her arm muscles are. It complemented well with the athletic body of Pippa Middleton and the sleeve is pretty much calling for attention.

She also divulged that there are many Australian girls that are still pinning for the wedding dress worn by Judd back in 2010 which was designed by J’Aton. Up to this day, it remains to be the most requested inspiration by brides when it comes to covered silhouette.

She admitted that many of the brides would not be willing to go for the capped sleeves and she would be thrilled to see them to see try something new.

One thing is for sure, wedding dress designers as well as party equipment hire in Melbourne is already preparing for requests from brides-to-be to complete their Pippa Middleton inspired wedding.

4 Tips In Choosing A Private Health Insurance In Thailand

Choosing a private health insurance in Thailand can be daunting especially if you have not obtained insurance before. To help you find the right insurance coverage for your health, take a look at these ideas.

Know your coverage needs

Most companies provide health insurance to their employees. However, the downside of health coverage offered by companies is that. Most of the time, the coverage is limited as it is usually the cheapest. Your HR department would generally give you a copy of your health insurance coverage. Review the policy andif you are not satisfied with the coverage, look for a health insurance that would complement your existing coverage.

Look for health insurance policies

There are different types of private health insurance in Thailand plans. Some of these are Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Preferred Provider Organization  (PPO), Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) and Point of Service Plan (POS). Find out the differences of these insurance policies and determine which of these suits your requirements. Focus on the summary of benefits and the premium or amount that you need to pay for the coverage. Before you pick a plan, think about your health consider and your beneficiaries. Consider your health and medical history.

Search for a health insurance provider

If you have a doctor of your choice, ask them if they are an in-network doctor of a particular health insurance company. In-network doctors generally collect lower rates because they are contracted by the insurance company. Choose a health plan with better options and more health coverage at a more affordable amount.

Compare different plans

Before you finally decide on coverage for your private health insurance in Thailand, take a look at the different plans offered by health insurance providers. Call the insurance company and talk with their representative for more information about the different plans offered. Ask relevant questions. If you have a medical condition, find out if it is covered by the plan that you intend to buy. Find out if the coverage extends internationally or if you will remain covered when you travel abroad.

Profitable Part-Time Jobs For Singaporeans

In Singapore, the lack of a minimum wage can be somewhat problematic with regards to making a profit in the country. Of course, due to the need to earn more profit, a part-time job on the side is necessary in order to make ends meet. For those looking for the part-time jobs that can healthily supplement income without overly steep requirements.

  • Tourist Guide
    • The tourism industry of Singapore is a notable part of the country’s economy, with tourists coming into the country year long. Tourists guide are needed in the country, with some reports of a lack of tourism employees for the country’s industry. Tourist guides, the people who get paid by tourists to help them with their tour of the country. The freelancing tourist guides that make the most money generally use a car to pick up tourists for a detailed itinerary. A 6-month course with the appropriate examinations, held by the Singapore Tourism Board,is needed for a license before operating, but the rewards are notable. Some of the more popular tourist guides can charge up to USD 429, for a 4-hour tour with provided transportation, whilst others charge US$200-300 for walking tours of the same length.
  • Private Tutor
    • The tuition industry is notable, with home tuition in Singapore becoming more and more commonplace. Now, the industry’s estimated to clock in with a worth of about $1 B, at minimum. With the system of home tuition in Singapore, good tutors charge high hourly rates, with parents paying in the hopes that their children’s educations improve. For those holding a degree in any field, tutoring upper secondary students in your subject of choice will earn about $40/hour, whilst junior college students and those close to graduation can be tutored for about $60/hour. Ministry of Education certification means more money, raking in an additional 20-30% more.
  • Emcees
    • Emcees host corporate and private events, with some of the more popular ones being host to the most important events, such as weddings. With the importance of the events they host, emcees get paid appropriately. For small-time events, emcees can charge about $500, with some of the bigger events being worth several thousand easily, based on participant size and event length. For those hoping to get started, it’s simply a matter of registering with an agency and getting to work, with the some workshops and prior training if necessary.


3 Considerations In Buying High School Furniture

The things you purchase and place inside a classroom can be considered investments. The tables, chairs and other high school furniture are some of the things a parent or guardian would check before enrolling a child to the school. This is why it is important that you keep functional, safe and high quality furniture inside the school premises. To get the right furniture, here are tips.


Having comfortable chairs and other furniture is important. When children are comfortable, they tend to absorb lessens better and be more receptive with new knowledge. Look for chairs that offer back support and better body posture. Students spend extended periods sitting on chairs and using tables so they need to be comfortable for them to be able to concentrate on the lessons instead of sustaining body pains.


Choose the type of furniture that provides assurance of quality. This way, you will not spend in the next few years for its replacement and repair. In the long run, you will save money on your furniture because you invested on good quality products. Always check the quality of the product including the materials that they are made of. Avoid cheap high school furniturebecause it does not give you the guarantee of durability and safety for the kids. Look for reliable furniture that are reasonably priced and offers more value for your money, instead.


Another thing to consider is the design of the furniture that you are going to purchase. They should be suitable to those who are going to use it. Some chairs are suited for young students while there are those that are ideal for high school use. You may also want to add chairs for lefties or ambidextrous and even high school furniture that supports with mobility issues or physical disabilities. Customize your orders so you can cater to different student’s needs. Avoid buying wholesale that offers single size for the entire student population.  You may consider asking for samples from different suppliersor you may want to visit their showrooms to test the furniture before buying them.