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Sony Life Insurance To Offer Insurance Products And Perform Financial Advisory

A local subsidiary was established in Singapore by Sony Life Insurance to push forward the plans to offer life insurance products through agencies in shopping malls. According to Nikkei Asian Review, the Japan-based insurer has a goal of opening at least 50 agencies in the city within 10 years starting on summer of 2018.

In addition to insurance, Sony Life Insurance also aims to establish a local joint venture with Tokyo-based Starts Securities Co Ltd to perform financial advisory for businesses. This will be a subsidiary of Sony Life Singapore.

Sony Life believes that the insurance firm has very good chances of finding potential customers in the country because of its strength in selling life insurance products by way of sophisticated consulting. It believes that the strategy of putting up agencies in shopping malls will be successful because of Singapore’s dense population.

At first, the agencies will offer insurance products of other insurers but eventually, Sony Life will be offering its own products. Sony Life intends to make its undertaking in Singapore profitable within 5 years time and recoup some of its losses. In the 1990’s Sony Life entered the Philippine insurance market but it has to pull out in 2012 because of disappointing earnings.

Sony Life is now focusing its attention on more developed markets like Australia. Last year, Sony Life was able to acquire a substantial stake in ClearView Wealth a diversified Australian financial services company that also offers insurance products.

Insurers play an important role in the Asian market because societies are getting older. While life expectancy increases, new born rates have declined. By 2050, it is expected that at least 25% of the world’s population will be over 65 years old.

Countries in Asia are leading the global ageing trend. While Asia has been successful in ensuring that its society is healthy with a longer life expectancy, how to fund the aging society is now a big issue.

One of the strategies on how to sell insurance effectively is to create informative and relevant content on the website that will answer the most common questions of consumers. It is also important to provide a guide for additional information that a visitor can download in exchange for an email address.

Innovation In Healthcare Industry Can Be Attributed To Data

One of the hottest issues in the United States as well as other countries abroad is healthcare, research in pharmaceutical industries and life sciences. As of the moment, the debate continues in Washington D.C. as to the state of the federal health care plans. A silent movement called medical IT solutions is being started at the same time that is aiming to change the status of the healthcare industry in the country and it will not be affected by political opinions and other influences.

The shift is spearheaded by an increasing number of companies that deal with life sciences and they are trying to change the depressing status quo and take matter into their own hands by taking actions that will be beneficial to all the sector of the healthcare industry.

According to an estimate, more than 80 per cent of the data found in healthcare does not have a structure. If the data does not have a structure, it only means that any information does not follow a certain model and it is not compiled in a certain manner. This is the reason why there is quite a high demand for software and tools that will be able to manage the unstructured data. When this happens, the healthcare industry will be able to benefit from these data.

The majority of the current information being utilized is coming from these unstructured data but the fact is that data insights being used by the healthcare industry is only about 23 per cent. This goes to the show that the data only needs to be organized in order for them to be categorized accordingly.

With the help of medical IT solutions, there is now intelligent searches that can be conducted with the help of a concept based tool. The industry will be able to use all of the available data as long as they have been compiled in a single system and search queries can be greatly improved.

Cloud computing is the reason why the process of drug approval have been greatly improved and as of now, drug production has been made faster because of the use of medical IT solutions that have proven to reduce cost because of its efficiency.

Health Benefits Of Dadgum Barbecue

There are several reasons why a lot of people love grilled food. Notice that whenever a group of people are converged in the backyard during Sundays or for outdoor dinners, there will always be a good, old Dadgum Barbecue to serve. You can find grilled burgers, vegies, hotdogs and sausages, fish and other food items.

Less fat intake

The good thing about grilling food is that, fats drip and eliminated from the meat as compared to frying or cooking meat in a pan where excess oil has nowhere to go but back to the meat where it is absorbed.

Better retention of vitamins

The moment you grill a slice of meat, you actually lock in important nutrients found in meat such as thiamine and riboflavin. These nutrients are important in keeping a healthy diet.

Locks in more moisture

Another positive attribute of choosing Dadgum Barbecue for your dinner is that it retains moisture compared to frying or cooking food in high temperatures wherein its natural moisture is eliminated in the process of cooking. This way, you reduce the need to add oil or butter on your food making it even healthier for you and your family.

Additional GrillingTips 

  • Do not burn your food. According to, putting your food in high temperature and burning it can cause the release of heterocyclic amine (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Both elements are known to be carcinogenic and hazardous to health.
  • Marinate your food as it decreases the chance HCA formation. Aside from that, marinating your food enhances its flavour and makes the meat tenderer.
  • Choose lean meat or cut any visible fat to prevent fat dripping which could result to flare-ups. These flare-ups can cause carcinogens to drip into the meat.
  • To avoid flare-ups, spread a sheet of aluminium foil over the grill. Puncture some holes on the foil to allow fat from the meat to pass through it and drain.
  • Clean your Dadgum Barbecue grill to remove charred food particles from previous grilling. This will lower the risk of developing cancer among lovers of grilled food.

4 Tips In Choosing A Private Health Insurance In Thailand

Choosing a private health insurance in Thailand can be daunting especially if you have not obtained insurance before. To help you find the right insurance coverage for your health, take a look at these ideas.

Know your coverage needs

Most companies provide health insurance to their employees. However, the downside of health coverage offered by companies is that. Most of the time, the coverage is limited as it is usually the cheapest. Your HR department would generally give you a copy of your health insurance coverage. Review the policy andif you are not satisfied with the coverage, look for a health insurance that would complement your existing coverage.

Look for health insurance policies

There are different types of private health insurance in Thailand plans. Some of these are Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Preferred Provider Organization  (PPO), Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) and Point of Service Plan (POS). Find out the differences of these insurance policies and determine which of these suits your requirements. Focus on the summary of benefits and the premium or amount that you need to pay for the coverage. Before you pick a plan, think about your health consider and your beneficiaries. Consider your health and medical history.

Search for a health insurance provider

If you have a doctor of your choice, ask them if they are an in-network doctor of a particular health insurance company. In-network doctors generally collect lower rates because they are contracted by the insurance company. Choose a health plan with better options and more health coverage at a more affordable amount.

Compare different plans

Before you finally decide on coverage for your private health insurance in Thailand, take a look at the different plans offered by health insurance providers. Call the insurance company and talk with their representative for more information about the different plans offered. Ask relevant questions. If you have a medical condition, find out if it is covered by the plan that you intend to buy. Find out if the coverage extends internationally or if you will remain covered when you travel abroad.

How To Hire Canterbury Health And Safety Consultants

Aside from the fact that a health and safety audit is required by law, an organization should also subject itself to such rudimentary requirements for all the benefits it could get from the process. In order to have a reliable audit with results that the organization can utilize, it is important to hire canterbury health and safety consultants. You can find companies that offer their expertise to organizations that are in need of some checking of their systems, management strategies, organizational plans, risk assessment and other important facets of an organization. To get the right team of consultants to facilitate your needs, you can refer to the following steps.

Identify your organizational needs

The first step towards having a safe and healthy organization is to determine what your needs are and how are you going to respond to these needs. Before you hire for external auditors, conduct an assessment within the organization or if you have an available data that you can refer to, you can use this as your baseline in identifying your needs. Data such as health conditions and health history of your employees are good points to start with.

Look for a reliable consultant

When you have already an idea as to the needs of your organization, it’s time to search for canterbury health and safety consultants that can help with the further identification of your needs at the same time, come up with recommendations and plans to eliminate the health and safety risk within the organization and even its physical or structural components. These consultants can also help the organization in terms of plan execution such as the conduct of assessment, trainings and evaluation. They can also offer tools that would enhance the existing organizational systems.

Conduct an interview

If you have already found a reputable team of canterbury health and safety consultants, set a schedule for an interview with the team to find out what you can expect from their services and what they need from your organization. You might also want to ask about their professional background and field experiences.

A New Reason For Rehab

Rehab has once been associated with addiction to a substance mostly either drugs or alcohol. Nowadays, however, other forms of addiction can be seen not just because of these common reasons. One example would be the case of a young 23-year-old man from Singapore who went into rehab to treat his online gaming problem. He spent all of his time in from of his computer, spending all his time in the virtual world that he no longer socialized with people and he almost never slept. This made him even drop and stop his education twice when he was in the university.

Given the effect of this problem, his mother decided to check him into a luxury rehab, The Edge. This luxury rehab facility is designed for men with the problem of addiction and is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They use sports as part of the approaches that they have for treatment. As it is a luxury rehab, the cost of being in the program is quite expensive which is around $14,000 per month. Despite the price, The Edge still has seen a growing number of addicts joining their programs and they do not just come from Thailand but from other countries as well.

Similar to The Edge, Solace Sabah, also a luxury rehab in Malaysia, receives patients from other countries. Patients from Singapore are noted and this is because the reason for the addiction is not of a substance but rather of gaming addiction too. According to the director of Solace Sabah, 2015 started the trend of gaming addiction rehab and usually, the patients are aged 18 to 25. The cost is not even an issue anymore since Solace Sabah’s charge is between 9,500 SGD and 15,000 SGD for a program with a duration of 28 days.

Addiction is believed to be a complex brain disease. It is usually associated with drugs and alcohol, however, gaming addiction or internet addiction is starting to get rampant. It is still an under-recognized addiction though but at least people start to realize that this also exists and steps can already be made to avoid the problem altogether. If it has already happened there are steps that are identified to help the patient recover.

A Fairytale In India

Newlywed couples are now changing the concept of the traditional honeymoon phase. Many couples are more determined to come back felling healthier, physically fit as well as spiritually fulfilled. Healthy honeymooning is now the latest trend. It is all about the couple entering a phase where they will do motivational yoga sessions while the tropical jungle is around them, receiving intimate massage as well as Turkish hammam. During the honeymoon phase, they will consume gluten free dishes and drink exotic variations of green tea.

According to Ebrahim Chiniwala who is a businessman, he went with his new wife into a wellness retreat for their honeymoon. They travelled to a health retreat located near the Mulshi Lake. Their honeymoon started with a specific program catered daily for them, assisted by a health advisor. The newlyweds made a connection over salsa and danced to Bollywood music. They also indulged in circuit training and sessions where they learned all about healthy cooking. He admitted that after their four day program is over, they went back to their normal life with more energy and they have also discovered a lot about one another.

Indian weddings are known to be big and extravagant. It is also inevitable to consume food loaded with fat, leaving one feeling bloated after the ceremony. This is why a wellness honeymoon is important. You may be able to go to a luxury hotel spa and eat appealing food menu but it will be loaded with unhealthy ingredients such as table salt, sugar and maida, among many others. According to Sandeep Biswas, ac chef, couples are booking health retreat in order to relax but they are not willing to be under a strict diet or they are not happy to have limited food options. The key is to make spa food that are fresh, organic and with low calories.

According to a vice president of a big hotel chain, Bob Jacobs, many couples are marrying late and majority of them have been together for quite a while. The honeymoon is the perfect chance to relax and detox.

If you are planning a honeymoon destination, check out Thailand health retreat.