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Thriving Illegal Orchid Trade In Southeast Asia

There is a high demand for Thai orchids all over the world because of its unique appearance, shape, color and long lifespan. The flowers are used as décor for weddings, to freshen up the environment in the backyard garden or to express a feeling. For those who wish to buy the exotic flowers, Thailand orchid wholesale is the best option to enjoy the best quality plants for a reasonable price.

The sad thing however is the reports of an existing illegal trade in Southeast Asia that threatens thriving orchid exports. According to the study made by wildlife trade monitoring network, TRAFFIC and the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), tens of thousands of rare orchids are illegally traded through Thailand’s borders every year without domestic harvest permits.

The study which is also based on the research made by Dr. Jacob Phelps of Lancaster University said that 16% of the orchid species observed is classified under the category of threatened species or species that can only be found in small populations in specific areas. It is believed that the threat is much higher than reported since conservation status assessments were not yet conducted on the species encountered.

Illegal trading of ornamental orchids in Southeast Asia has identified Chatuchak Market in Bangkok as the regional centre for botanical trading. Many of the orchids that are being sold are rare and have been illegally harvested. Chatuchak Market is notorious for being a major market for illegal trading of a wide variety of plants and animals.

Orchids are the most protected plants in the world because it is unusual, beautiful and fragrant. Since there is clear evidence on the existence of open illegal trade, it is important to take botanical and conservation measures seriously. Based on interviews of plant harvesters, traders and middlemen, there exists a significant illegal international trade from Lao PDR and Myanmar to Thailand because of the demand for wild ornamental plants.

Instead of buying from illegal orchid traders, a better option is Thailand orchid wholesale that guarantees the high quality of plants being sold. The best prices are offered for orchids, tropical plants, greenery and foliage including other flowering plants.