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New Investor Joined 11 street Thailand

Behind closed doors in a ห้องประชุม, 11street Thailand was able to secure investment funding from a new entity, Chalermchai Mahagitsiri. It has been a challenging year for the South Korean e-marketplace because of the competition in the industry as well as the struggle they have in looking for local partners that will invest the company.

According to a reliable source that is close with the e-commerce industry, it has already been confirmed that the president as well as chief executive of Thoresen Thai Agencies Plc, Mr. Chalermchai, decided to form a partnership with 11street Thailand through investment.

In the recent financial report published by the Department of Business Development, 11street has now a new group of executive committee including KamolsuthDabbaransi who is KornDabbaransi the former deputy minister’s youngest son, ChalermchaiMahagitisiri and UsanaMahagitsiri.

There is no public announcement regarding the partnership and no details were revealed as well. As of this writing, there is no clear information whether the deal was a joint venture between them or if it was an acquisition.

SK Telecom was the previous owner of 11street Thailand and according to their registry their declared capital is valued at 1.49 billion baht.

Last year, the company suffered a loss worth 943 million baht while in 2016 they also lost another 184 million. The past two consecutive years have been a blow to the company thus they are looking for local investors.

11street Thailand’s chief executive, Jeon Hong-cheol, said in an interview with Bangkok Post that it is the perfect timing for conglomerates to enter the picture along with big corporations because the e-commerce platforms have been waiting for it. Missing this timing could lead to a regrettable decision later on.

Mr. Jeon added that the investment opportunity in the firm is only open until 2022. It is expected that the platforms of the top players in the industry will be able to earn as much as 32.96 billion baht from gross merchandise value.

Despite the goal of 11street Thailand to be the leading firm in the industry, finding strategic partnership has been a struggle. It took a number of discussions in ห้องประชุมbefore they are able to find one in their new investor.

The Real Deal About E-Juice

For first time buyers of e-juice, it might be confusing to choose among the many different flavors available including coffee, custard, chocolate, candy corn, vanilla and blueberry. These flavors are very tempting to try and each has a unique character but this is not the only reason why people are turning into vaping. The fact is that these unique flavors might have a different taste to them much like when buying a flavored product from one company which turns out to be better compared to another company’s product but carry the same flavor on the label.

There is no consistency when it comes to flavors of e-juice. Another problem currently faced by retailers is that there are legislations that might cause an end to the booming flavored e-juice sector. There is one thing that vaping consumers should take note, the experience alone cannot be changed because of the lack of flavors.

It is common for consumers to characterize flavor which is accomplished by combining additives, components and flavoring in order to provide the product a taste that can be distinguished from other brands or flavors. The flavor of a certain e-juice is commonly listed in their packaging. Aside from the common flavors, menthol and tobacco, the rest can be considered as characterizing flavor. The concern of many with these flavors is that they may have been created using various chemicals unless declared to be manufactured using natural substances.

In 2009, characterizing flavors were attempted to be introduced in traditional cigarettes but it was banned by the FDA. The decision was spearheaded by the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act which was designed to help the number of smoking consumers.

The FDA is already planning to perform the ban on e-juices but Commissioner Scott Gottlieb did not take any action yet. They are still waiting to see if the FDA can make a regulation with the new products instead especially if it will be proven as a safer alternative compared to smoking. One of the problems they are placing front and center is that flavored e-juice might encourage minors to try vaping. As of the moment, there is no evidence that points to the flavors as one of the reasons why minors are smoking.