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Pakistan Embracing Marketing Through Social Media

With the rate of how technology is advancing, a lot of things in the home, the work space, and in industries have transformed to match up. Marketing and advertising, in particular, has moved forward. Within a few years, marketing has moved from the old-fashioned push strategies, to strategies that attract customers.

As a result, marketers across the globe have worked with multi-channel advertising approaches, in order to bring in customers. A key part of this multi-channel approach is social media marketing, which has shaken up the marketing industry.

As the name implies, social media marketing is the term used for any form of online marketing that utilizes social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, and companies have been adopting this in order to reach more customers, as well as improve customer engagement.

Traditional marketing is still there, but it’s getting pushed aside, with revenue from digital advertising rapidly overtaking TV ad revenues. This isn’t always the case, however, as some countries, like Pakistan, still have traditional marketing as the primary means of advertising. A lot of companies in Pakistan still don’t have the nuances of digital marketing, and, it is difficult to get a bead on how much revenue the country is generating thanks to social media marketing, though, with how social media and the internet is growing there, it’s a field ripe with opportunity. ExD Pvt. Limited CEO Sajjad Mustafa Syed says that a lot of corporations in Pakistan are adapting social media for their marketing campaigns, and that those that have not yet done so would have to follow suit quickly or be left behind.

The marketing world has been taking advantage of digital marketing to increase engagement, customer communication, access to feedback and develop corporate social responsibility. Video and animation, in particular have a lot of potential.

Chat rooms and chatbots have made corporate communication with customers faster and easier than ever, and marketing is moving towards less traditional channels. One such example is in influencer marketing, which is gaining ground across the world, wherein marketing campaigns are aimed at influential people, not target markets, who then go on to influence the target audience. With social media adopting new trends on an ever changing basis, companies across the world are being forced to adapt in order to keep up with the dynamic sector.

How Team Bonding Ideas Can Promote Cooperation And Teamwork In A Workplace

If people from various backgrounds work together at one place, you will likely bond with them as a team. For efficient teamwork and cooperation, here are some great ideas of team bonding to help people get interested in the event and renew a team spirit.

  • Various indoor activities like debates and quiz competitions can strengthen team bonds. Members should be requested to form their chosen team and participate. It should emphasize hidden leadership qualities.


  • A very efficient team binder is art. Regular workshops can be organized and competitions can be held. This will make people more aware of their artistic skills and talents. Participants for this contest must form a smaller team.


  • If the workplace has a huge number of employees, it is suggested to play indoor games on annual basis. This is a great team bonding as employees can participate in table tennis, chess, and more to sharpen their competitive attitude and urge everyone to excel more. A strong team are made up of strong individuals.


  • A workplace can organize an annual talent show too. Participants can showcase what they know about music and other performing arts. This form of entertainment programs provide people to enjoy and be happy and create a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace.


  • Employees can also engage themselves in cooking competitions where their culinary skills are tested. It’s also a popular way to create camaraderie among workers.


  • Teamwork can also be encouraged through outdoor activities. If a picnic is organized, where families of the employees are also present, everyone gets to know each other better in one setting. Through outdoor activities, a different side of the employees are exposed. Away from the busy life at work, participants can enjoy everyone’s company in a more carefree ambiance.


Perhaps Management will sit together and decide a team bonding activity that will draw every worker they have closer to each other. These activities and other innovative ideas will help unite the various members of a team. They will keep the entire team happy and satisfied. Having a positive attitude will enhance and provide a more efficient and productive results for the company.

Advantages Of Engaging The Services Of Consultants For Registration

An EIN number is like an identification number for the business entity. Applying for EIN is one of the initial processes to start while setting up a business. EIN number is required by all types of business entities such as sole proprietorship, partnership, Limited Liability Company, S corporation and other Trusts, churches and not for profit organisations.

EIN number is issued by Federal level. Hence it is known as Federal EIN number. Apart from this, businesses must also apply for a state Tax ID like OK Tax ID. The state tax ID is necessary to pay the business taxes, state income tax and sales tax. The state Tax ID is also useful for obtaining the required permits and licenses from state authorities. A state Tax ID Is generally used for sales and use tax payments, withholding employee income tax, obtaining sales tax exemption permits, and computing excise tax for firearms, tobacco, alcohol and other items.

Business entities can get the OK Tax ID by submitting the application form for registration. The entrepreneurs can submit the Tax ID applications by themselves online, through the websites of IRS or engage the services of a consultant to complete the formalities on their behalf. There are some advantages of engaging the services of consultants for completing the formalities such as

  • Ease of locating the application and filing it. The consultants also have an online application form for tax ID number and it is quite easy to find the form and fill it.
  • The Tax ID application form on the website of IRS is split into multiple applications whereas the forms available with consultants are simple and take less time to fill.
  • The forms on the websites of consultants are available 24/7 and can be filled at any time convenient for the business owners.
  • The consultants provide many other services for establishing the business, like getting the necessary registrations, licenses and permits and arranging for bank loans to meet the capital requirements.
  • Consultants offer value added services like online recovery of OK Tax ID, in case of accidental misplacement of the number by managers of business entities. The consultants send the Tax ID number in a single working day via email.

The New Trend Of Wedding After Parties

The last few years, the wedding industry has seen a rise in destination weddings that it has become too common. Now, there is a new trend in the wedding sector that is taking stage – the after party. Couples are putting in more effort in the after parties compared to their actual ceremony or their honeymoon. This is an observation from the staffs of the wedding hotel in Rayong and is slowly getting popular one couple at a time.

For instance, Indian weddings are considered to be colourful, full of drama and music and laced with tradition all throughout. This is a stressful event for many as they are aiming to get everything perfect from the decors to the food and entertainment.

There is no denying that the Indian wedding industry is one of the highest with an estimated worth of 12 billion pounds. It also comes at a high price because aside from the financial aspect, the stress can be too much for the couple and the families involved. This is when a new trend started. Couples are now organizing simple wedding ceremonies in their hometown but the after parties are spent in another country with all the people they love. This is what they refer to as the destination after parties.

According to Reshme Saigal Weddings’ founder, Reshme Saigal, destination weddings are now too common. She said that Indian couples now prefer to invest more in their after parties by inviting only the closest people to get away with them instead of investing a lot in the actual ceremony.

Wedding planners admitted that the newest trend in the wedding industry is the destination after parties. The most common places newlyweds go to are Europe, Maldives, Bali, Mauritius and several places in Thailand such as Rayong, Bangkok and Hua Hin. There are also those that chose their after parties to be closer to home by travelling to Kumarakom, Goa, Mammallapuram and Rajasthan.

The trend started four years ago and wedding hotel in Rayong are now more likely to handle newlyweds and their guests rather than hosting an actual wedding. Times are changing and wedding is not an exception.

Who Can You Approach For A Simple Reverse Mortgage Quote

It’s not easy to acquire a reverse mortgage as you need to do research and seek advice from professionals. The simple reverse mortgage quote allows the elderly to access their home equity without the need for making monthly mortgage payments. There are many people to help you with the process and make you identify if the product is right for your needs.

Knowing Your Family’s Decision

If you have adult children, you simply want to involve them in the process and know their expectations. For instance, it may be important for them to inherit your family home. When one retiree from Georgia gathered all her six adult children, she discovered that they didn’t mind if she availed a reverse mortgage. Unluckily, not many seniors have saved adequately for their golden years, so they have to find other means to add to their income. Rather than relying on their adult children for financial support, they can try using their home equity through a simple reverse mortgage quote as a source of income.

Dealing with A Trusted Adviser

It is important for seniors to have legal or financial advisers to entrust their assets. Many financial planners recommend to their senior clients reverse mortgages as a retirement tool. What this implies is having the adviser knowledgeable about the product. If you’re somehow interested, discuss this matter with him so you can supplement your retirement income. He can determine whether you really have the need for this product.

HUD Counselor

Before you secure reverse mortgage, you need to have an appointment with the HUD approved counselor before such application is processed. The counseling will ensure you are making the right decision and have all the information you need. The appointment can be done in person or by calling.


You need to have a lender who is a recognized member of the NRMLA to offer you a reverse mortgage. These member lenders abide by professional responsibility and strict code of conduct so you can avail a simple reverse mortgage quote, which means something relevant to your home equity. There will be an appraiser to assess your property so you get the real value of your home. Once approved, you meet with a title agent to sign and notarize closing documents regarding the loan.

Magnets Shaking Up The Computer Memory Industry

Currently, there is a challenge stumping the electronic industry with regards to energy efficiency and they believe that magnetic materials might be the answer to this problem. The benefits and uses of magnets in Brisbane are seen in various applications and fields.

Energy efficiency is believed to be the key to the future of electronics. A warning has already been released by the Semiconductor Research Corporation because of the continued increase in the demand for energy provided by electronics but they estimated that in 20 years the demand for the energy worldwide will surpass that of the entire amount generated.

Carnegie Mellon University’s assistant professor in the field of materials science and engineering, Vincent Sokalski, is currently developing a solution to the issue. He will employ magnetic materials to improve the efficiency of energy used in memory as well as computing.

Sokalski was granted a funding worth $1.8 million by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). His project is called Domain Wall Skyrmions. He is working with Di Xiao, a professor in Physics, and Marc De Graef, a professor in material science and engineering.

Currently, magnetic materials are employed in hard disk drives for the purpose of storing data in long term while semiconductors are now being utilized for processing and memory for short term use only thus the energy used is higher. The size of semiconductors continues to shrink because of the demand of the consumers for density as well as speed. The problem is that these can only get as small before it is no longer practical for risk of information loss. DARPA knows this and this is why they are looking for other measures that will upgrade the magnetic materials employed in computer memory used for both storage and processes.

The project being developed by Sokalski focuses on magnetic materials. He is hoping that in the near future semiconductors are not the only solution for computing, better yet if he could find an alternative to replace it entirely. While the materials might not be exactly the same as the magnets in Brisbane but he is starting out with he refers to as the 2D magnetic bubbles.

Replace Your Boiler If You See These Warning Signs

If there is one appliance inside your home that is used more often than others, it’s the boiler. Before purchasing you weighed the pros and cons of boilers but once you are using them you tend to forget to check for any issues. Sometimes we don’t even know that there is something wrong with our boilers unless our water remained cold or it broke down already.

There are warning signs you should look out for in order to prevent your boiler from breaking down expectedly. First is if the radiators do not heat up as fast as it used to. This only means one thing – it is time to get a new boiler. There are many new models that can heat up water fast and instantaneously. In other cases, your boiler could have accumulated a lot of sludge which results to blockage and results to cold spots found in radiators. If the water in the system is dirty, you are setting up your boiler for a long term issue.

A boiler in good condition will not give off any bad smell. If yours does, it is time to call a professional for a checkup. The one thing you want to avoid the most is carbon monoxide leak. Though it is odorless, the boiler can give off smell because of improper burning. Aside from this, there are tell-tale signs of carbon monoxide such as yellow flame are burning inside the boiler and not blue, there is dark soot inside and surrounding the appliance, condensation is higher which is evident in the windows of the house and pilot light is always going out.

If your energy bill for the past few months has been increasing, it is time to inspect your boiler. The older the boiler, the lower its efficiency thus it consumes more energy. You can always check the efficiency of your boiler by checking ErP energy label which indicates the rating.

Puddle of water near your boiler indicates leak. When you have confirmed this, it is time to look for a new boiler. Find a list of models and consider the pros and cons of boilers before buying.