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Advantages Of Booking At Rooftop Bar In Ho Chi Minh City

If you cannot stay at the top of the world, at least book in a hotel with a rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City to know how it feels like to be at the top. You can find several hotels in Ho Chi Minh but not all of them have roof decks where you can enjoy a bottle of drink or laze around while chatting with friends or a loved one. For a more enjoyable trip to Vietnam, choose a hotel that will give you a value added experience including the following advantages.

A chance to meet new friends

If you are the sociable type or you are looking for new friends to hang around with or share your tourist adventures, book in a hotel that provides venue for meeting interesting people. A posh hotel with a rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City is what you should be looking for. Being in a sunny city where everything is teeming with history, you need to get out and meet new people to make the experience even more worthwhile.Order a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer and strike a conversation with fellow hotel guests.

A breath-taking 360 degrees view

It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to take in the view of a city at 360 degrees and on top of buildings and even the entire city. Enjoy the panoramic view of Ho Chi Minh during the day or beneath the stars at night while enjoying its great city lights. The panoramic view that Ho Chi Minh city offers is just one of the reasons why you would fall in love with Saigon.

That luxurious feeling

Staying at the top where you can see most things give you a different high. This is one of the reasons why people love being at the top to enjoy the view. Lounging at a rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City gives you that same exalting feeling. You can enjoy such luxurious experience at Ho Chi Minh City by booking at a hotel that offers more than a comfortable stay.

Mortlake Apartment Doubled In Price In Less Than 9 Years

The apartment has 82 square meters of internal space with a 58 square meter garage that has an internal access. It has a terrace that measures 35 square meters and a kitchen with glass splashback. The vendors of the apartment Jamie and Annette Fitzgerald spent 2 years to personally renovate the home.

Jamie Fitzgerald is the owner Garage Blitz, a local provider of flooring solutions. He took it upon himself to be responsible for the renovation project. He put in new timber floors, built a new bathroom, a kitchen, an internal staircase and fixed the garage floors.

The Fitzgerald’s are selling the apartment because they will be upsizing 10 minutes down the road to the neighbouring Concord, a small town in a big city. They wanted a bigger space and a yard for their 3-year old child. Jamie Fitzgerald felt sad to leave the apartment but the Concord-Mortlake area was a growing suburb. The area is not as busy as Sydney; however, it is only 10 kilometresaway from the centre of Sydney.

When the apartment was auctioned off, a first-home buyer from Strathfield immediately made an offer for the 2-bedroom apartment with an initial budget of in the “high $800,000’s” because she wanted to rent it out before she eventually moves in. Selling agent Dib Chidiac was excited about the offer but there was a bit of competition.

Mr. Chidiac initially quoted $800,000 to $880,000 for the unit but the reserve of $900.000 was immediately reached in less than two minutes. The Fitzgerald’s said that the results were beyond their expectations. With auctioneer Alex Pattaro presiding, the bidding opened at $800,000. A downsizing group and the final buyer exchanged 39 heated bids of $25,000, $10,000, $5,000, $2,000 and $1,000. There was an influx of first-home buyers but since stock is low, prices are quite high.

No one can tell if the buyers were attracted by the glass splashback colours in the kitchen or the beauty of new bathroom but many newbie buyers definitely prefer something small to suit their budget. On the other hand, using a glass splashback is a good trick to create the illusion of a bigger space in a tiny kitchen. Why Subordinates Suffer From A Power-Hungry Boss

It’s kind of frightening to see leaders abusing their power in the office. It does not only trigger pain among his subordinates; but they can suffer a lot, according to

A study has been recently revealed that powerful people who are rude to their colleagues can likely feel incompetent, disrespected and less independent in a workplace. Furthermore, they can hardly relax whenever they go home at night.

According to the research, power cannot be generally good or bad. It reverses the impression of an abusive leader. Many subordinates assume that these types of people go around and abuse, and make them feel great with it; however, the attitude can possibly become more complicated. includes over a 100+ leaders in the fields of banking, education, engineering, and medicine in a span of three weeks. It surveyed how theseleaders feel deep down inside, and how they can be changed at the end of the day.

The study reveals that powerful leaders are more likely to act abusive, and can expect incivility from their colleagues and subordinates. This in turn can negatively impact their own benefits.

A subordinate may sense sympathy whenever his boss starts to yell and belittle him at work, but they too may be suffering deep down inside.

The boss may seem stupid when he starts yelling, but it’s a natural reaction when any of us stay in higher positions. It may not make sense though that they can turn as monsters.

To prevent the boss from expressing all his powers, he may want to consider choosing the best employee that can work for him well. The boss can agree to value his closeness with his employees; hence, he can see positive reactions in the workplace. There is also harmony within the office and thus will refrain him from yelling at his people. can help you plan whether the negative impact of psychological power is corrective. The study can also show how a boss can create an abusive act against his workers, and how he may feel when he gets home from work. The site wants to know if they are less powerful at home and can behave at its best.

Prices Of Engagement Rings Remain Stable

According to data released by The Wedding Report, prices of engagement rings and wedding rings have not changed much in the United States. The data also showed that the average groom spent $3,406 on an engagement ring used to make a marriage proposal during the 1st quarter of 2017. In 2016, the average spend was $3,407.

Wedding rings for brides cost an average of $786 in 2017 compared to the $785 in 2016. Wedding rings for the groom were stable at $456. Weddings were generally less expensive during the quarter with overall costs down by 2.8% or $26,720. The research report attributed the decline to lower demand for transportation, entertainment and beauty services. More and more couples also chose non-traditional options.

The Wedding Report was based on the survey answers’ of 3.401 couples who got married or spent money for an upcoming wedding for the 1st quarter of the year. However, the research reports of The Wedding Report contrast with those published by The Knot in February which showed that there is a much higher spending average for engagement rings in the US in 2016. According to the wedding site, there was a 5% increase over the past years or $6,163 average spend on engagement rings. The results of the survey were based on the answers of 13,000 couples with online membership.

On the other hand, Christie’s in London was able to generate $8.2 million from its Important Jewels auction. A Harry Winston emerald ring fetched $480,675. The ring was a rectangular-cut with a 10.23-carat Columbian emerald that sold for $47,000 per carat. This is more than 5 times the pre-sale estimate. A cushion-shaped 50.36-carat Sri Lankan sapphire pendant was auctioned off for $434,775 while a Victorian “parure” that consisted of a diamond tiara, necklace and earrings got a winning bid of $404, 175.

Diamonds are still the most popular stones for jewellery and engagement rings but you have an option of platinum engagement rings that is available in elegant and shiny colours. Platinum has the endearing qualities that make it a popular engagement ring. You have the option of different settings, gemstones and patterns for the most affordable prices.

Professional Business Services Offered By HPX Advisors

There are several reasons why you would hire the services of HPX Advisors. Most of the time, you would need business advisors when it’s time to hand down the business to your children or you are going to sell your business employees or to outside buyers. No matter who you are going to hand down the business, it is important for the process to be smooth and your rights and interests to be protected. Hire a company that can deliver the following services:


Why you are looking at a long-term business process, it is important for you to focus on the present and how you are going to finance your business needs such as hiring a new staff, expand your business to other areas, invest on new products or whatever business endeavour that may need financing. A company that offers professional business services can help process and arrange your business financial needs.

Business Valuation

It is important for you to know exactly the market value of your business. This will help you understand where your business stands in the market and if there is a need for you to increase your marketing efforts or whether you need to sell or expand your business. Business value is determined by two factors: future profits and the risks associated with those profits. With the expertise of HPX Advisors, you can easily prepare for future business transactions.

Business Brokerage

You should also seek the expertise of business advisors if you need to buy or sell your business entity. You may be successful in handling your business but there are certain aspects of buying or selling that only those who were trained and have gained expertise can deliver your desired results.

Exit Planning

Another professional service offered by HPX Advisors is assistance on exit planning. Leaving your business or selling it requires a lot of documents and records preparation. It is important that when you hand your business to another entity, the records are clean and in proper order. Only experts can help you make the process smoother and worry-free.

Lead Generation Basics In Sales

Lead generation consists of processes that help businesses attract potential customers to come and check out their product or services, with the hopes that they will eventually turn into paying customers. Businesses gain their potential customer contacts through the use of lead generation strategies. Trust is an essential part of the process – people will only give you their contacts if you give them something valuable in return.

In sales, there are several simple steps that can make lead generation more effective for you. The first step in lead generation is acquiring the leads. There are several lead generation strategies that can help you achieve this purpose. The most popular one is by creating relative content for your business. Examples of these would include the likes of blogs, infographics, photos, and eBooks. The content can be distributed through different channels like social media and website. In exchange for the information, people will be filling out a form where they would be sharing personal information like address, name, email addresses or even phone number. You can then use the leads to contact them when you have promotions.

You can repeatedly contact the people in your contact list or lead through their mail, address or phone depending on the type of marketing that works for you. Now, some will not easily convert into paying customers. You will need to nurture your leads with promotions or related information about the product until they decide to buy from you. You will notice leads that are interested in your products or services. They will show interest in your campaigns. You can discard that ones that do not show any type of interaction and instead, concentrate your efforts on those that do. Once you have a list, do not just depend on your own efforts. You can also share the information to your sales team who can also follow up for you, increasing your chances of converting the people listed in here to buying customers. With a lot of people working on the lead generation strategies on your business, it’s possible for you to have more sales.


CRA Monitors Social Media Posts Of High Risk Taxpayers

There are many good reasons why CRA audit protection is very important for accounting firms. The audit protection will cover professional fees so that the accountant can assist the client in responding to an official audit or investigation. CRA is increasingly focusing its efforts at different kinds of data to confirm whether the taxpayer is cheating on his taxes.

CRA practices risk-based compliance for taxpayers that are considered high risk. CRA collects and analyzes any relevant information that is publicly available and related to risk-based factors for the taxpayer. Most of those that CRA considers as high risk are wealthy Canadians that have offshore accounts.

According to Tobi Cohen, spokesperson for the privacy commissioner, they were notified of CRAs’ fact gathering processes from publicly available information on social media. Information collected must berelated to tax fraud and non-compliance of risk analysis audits and investigations. Meanwhile, David Christopher from the advocacy group Open Media stated his group’s opposition towards the monitoring of government agencies of Canadian’s social media posts.

When Canadians post something on social media, they simply want to share some experiences with family and friends. They do not expect that their posts will be scrutinized by some government bureaucrat in Canada. Many people wrongly assume that the Privacy Settings of their Facebook account is working well but sometimes a post ends up being shared with the whole world.

The revelation that CRA is gathering information from social media posts came at a time when the agency is expanding the use of cutting-edge technology and data analysis to confirm tax cheaters, to target people who should be audited and to improve the tax services for Canadians. Data analysis and business intelligence have provided CRA with a tool that gives them a better insight on the behaviour of taxpayers. All resources can now be focused on deliberate non-compliance.

An audit starts from a simple letter that CRA wants to examine your documents and records. If it is a simple audit, you can always turn to your accountant but if there are legal issues involved, you may require a lawyer and an accountant. CRA audit protection will cover the professional fees resulting from an official audit.