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Upstate Carolina Welcomes Trend In Tiny Houses

Debbie Stansfield is one of the locals that decided to choose a tiny house located at the Lake Walk Tiny Home Community which is close by the Lake Cunningham. She shared that the decision helped her build a closer relationship with God. While many in Thailand are wishing for a luxury house in Phatthanakan, the tiny house trend is starting to grow like wildfire in Upstate Carolina.

A few years back, Stansfield was living with her late husband in their 3,000 square foot property. Their children are already adults and having families of their own. Stansfield happily shared that she used to have a talk with her husband about moving into a tiny house but her husband keep answering that a tiny house would mean their children will not be able to come back.

Due to health problems, the Greer couple decided to move into a one-story home spanning only 1,800 and they have an acre of lawn to take care of. Not much time after their move has passed when her husband died. They have five kids with a total of 14 grandchildren and two great-grandkids.

It was her grandson that made her realize that the property is not the right one for her so she decided to downsize into one of the tiny homes that are currently in trend. Stansfield is currently residing in Greenville County at a tiny house located at the property of Randy Hanson. She shared that her move is like a wakeup call from God that it is the right time for her.

Randy Hanson is a native of South Dakota and he has been residing in South Carolina for the last 20 years. He shared that he has always been fond of building tree houses as well as forts. He was able to share his dad’s passion in constructing residential homes. He was 20 years old when he build his first house and he has been doing the same thing ever since.

He was planning to make an RV park out of their property which is 15 acres but his wife and daughter said that it would be better to turn it into a neighbourhood of tiny house thus the birth of Lake Walk Tiny Home Community. Locals in Thailand who are wishing to have a luxury house in Phatthanakan should take a page from Stansfield book and consider settling in a smaller property as long as it meets their needs.

Hot Deals On Offer At Sukhumvit S15, A Stylish Boutique Hotel In Asoke, Bangkok

Some of the best boutique hotels are hidden in remote parts of cities. But the Sukhumvit S15 strikes a bold statement, as it is a stylish boutique hotel in Asoke, Bangkok. Located just a stone’s throw away from the Asoke BTS, this boutique hotel offers amazing connectivity to the rest of the city, and exemplary connectivity to the many nooks and crannies in Asoke itself.The boutique hotel is now looking to ramp up its services by offering new deals for its customers. There are three deals currently on offer, providing above par services in a nearly perfect hotel. They are the “Early Bird Promotion” offer, the “Get! Executive Price” offer and the “Super Hot Deal” offer.

  • Early Bird Promotion: If you’ve charted out your trip to Bangkok well in advance of your departure date, and are looking for an amazing and stylish boutique hotel to stay at, this is the hotel for you. In order to avail this offer, the customer will need to book just 30 days in advance, and they will have the option to get a discount of upto 26%. Not only this, you can also avail other services such as a free buffet breakfast, free WiFi, and a fruit platter when you enter the hotel.
  • Get! Executive Price: In order to get the best prices for the 4 rooms on offer, you can avail this offer and book directly with the hotel. Although, booking agencies offer additional benefits such as insurance and the ability to avail offers from hotels around the world, the “Get! Executive Price” offer will ensure that you get the best prices at the stylish boutique hotel in Asoke, Bangkok. The only prerequisite is that you book 30 days in advance.
  • Super Hot Deal!:This deal combines the best of both worlds, and lets you avail both the above offers simultaneously. Booking directly with the hotel, a customer can avail free breakfast buffet, free WiFi in all the rooms, and many more advantages. All of this, combined with the low prices offered by the “Get! Executive Price” deal, make this deal the best one for all the customers.

Encourage Team Building With These Methods

A company will do better if the employees are performing their best and motivated. One way to ensure this is to organize team-bonding activities that will encourage the workers. Experts give their take on how to encourage employees to join in team building activities.

There should be a regular town hall meeting conducted to make sure that everyone is always connected. According to the head of human resources at Chillr, JubinShaju, town halls ensure that there is transparency and every employee has a clear understanding of their purpose in the organization. With this, everyone will function on the same side and will result to an overall positive performance.

Majority of employees think that their work is harder compared to other levels or department but what they fail to realize is that every role comes with unique challenges. This is why the CEO of Naaptol, Manu Agarwal, recommends that it is ideal for team members to explore other branches in the company and experience other roles. This will result to a various benefits such as a new perspective in every employee and team as a whole. This will also promote empathy among staff and teams are more likely to collaborate having experienced one another’s roles. Practicing all of this will ensure a more cohesive work place.

Agarwal added that recognition is another essential tool in managing teams. This will ensure that the workforce will remain loyal and motivated to do their work. Employees are more likely to bond if due recognition is given to each and everyone.

Working in a company means formality but it should not be practiced at all times. There are instances wherein getting personal with people you work with will benefit the workplace. Agarwal said that bonds are developed when employees and teams participate in outdoor activities. After immersing themselves in team bonding activities, they will come back to work with higher level of motivation and the entire unit will be tighter than before. It is not unusual to have misunderstanding and stress while at work and organizing recreational activities is one way to remove these barriers.

3 Important Tips In Choosing Honda Bikes Dealer

You will find a lot of Honda bikes dealers on the internet or even from local bike shops but choosing the right dealer can be challenging if you do not know where to begin with shopping. To make it easier for you find the right dealer, take a look at these simple tips.

Compare selling prices

One common mistake that a buyer can commit is to buy the first bike that he finds on the internet thinking that prices are the same among dealers. The prices vary among dealers especially among offline shops and online sellers. Sellers of online bikes spend less on operation costs and overhead so they can offer lower prices for their merchandise. Check from at least five online sellers for better price comparison. If your target bike is beyond your budget, you can check for deals or instalment plans to make the buying process a manageable one.

Check the offered services and supplies

Find out if the online dealer offers a wide array ofHonda bikes and accessory supplies including motorbike services. This way, you can have better option and you won’t have to go from one store to another to purchase your needed motorbike accessory. When an online dealer offers more bike models and brand, you get a chance to look for something cheaper or a bike that may be better than what you have originally intended to purchase.

With expert mechanics

Look for an online dealer of Honda bikes that has licensed mechanics who can assist during your shopping. You might want to get more information about the bike or caring and maintenance tips and they are the right individuals to obtain information from. The mechanics can also assist you when you need to replace some motorbike parts or when you need to have your motorbike fixed. You might also want to consult some professional mechanics from the dealer if you need to install some accessory on your bike. Visit the online shop of the bike dealer to determine if they can provide a mechanic if ever you need one.

How To Buy Cheap Tyres In Gold Coast

No matter how careful you are with your tyre use, you would eventually need to have it replaced. When you need replacement for your tyres in Gold Coast, it would be best to buy them from a reputable supplier to ensure the product’s quality. Buying high quality tyres do not mean you would spend exorbitantly for the items, you just have to look for a supplier that offers affordable tyres to save your money. Here are additional money-saving tips for your needed tyres.

Be wise in buying second hand tyres

Although buying brand new tyres offer better assurance of quality, you can also get used tires in excellent condition if you would buy them from a reputable seller. Buying second hand items allows you to save money although the assurance you get is unlike what you can get from brand new items. You just have to be cautious to ensure that you will get tyres in excellent condition or those free from damages and punctures.

Buy from a reliable supplier

Another way to ensure that you will get high qualitytyres in Gold Coast is by purchasing the items from well-reputed supplier. This way, you can have that peace of mind that you will get high quality, branded tyres without any doubt. You might want to read customer reviews and forum boards to find out what customers have to say about the online dealer. Find a supplier that offers tyres at reasonable price and has been in the industry for more than 10 years.

Look for money-saving promos and deals

You can also find high quality yet affordable tyres in Gold Coast by checking the promos and deals tab at the supplier’s website. Look for discount items or tyres that are currently on sale. As an alternative, you can send an email to the supplier or you can call them to know what their current offers are because some websites are not updated. To know what type of tyre is suited for your car, check your owner’s manual or consult a qualified auto mechanic for ideas.

Russian Consulate Planned: More Meeting Rooms In Phuket To Be Filled

When you are a part of a corporation regardless if you’re an employee or an employee like the manager or a department head, you should be used to attending all of those meetings that are being held at your workplace. You see, meetings are important because it’s where important matters surrounding the operations and other matters that concern the corporation and its well-being are being discussed. In addition to this, such meetings, whether the one being held in your office or overseas like in Phuket where there is a great number of meeting rooms in Phuket that can be rented by corporations for formal events, will enable both employers and their hard working employees to talk things down especially if there are misunderstandings or quarrels among both sides. Along the way, meetings will also allow both sides, especially the high-ranking officials of the corporation to decide on which action the corporation will take to ensure the continuous success of the corporation in terms of corporate income plus more exposure to the public. In addition to this, it will also benefit the employees themselves if they are regularly present at such meetings because they allowed themselves to be heard.

To boost the number of Russians who are coming to Phuket for both tourist and corporate purposes which involve the use of meeting rooms in Phuket, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has announced earlier this month that the Russian is planning to open a Russian consulate office in the island of Phuket in the Kingdom of Thailand. The announcement was made a day before Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov’s scheduled working visit to the kingdom which included updating the bilateral relationship of the two countries which has been able to generate 489,000 Russians who arrived in Thailand during the first quarter of 2017 which is a 44% increase to the number recorded during the same period back in 2016. In connection to this, 2016 data has shown that there were a total of half a million Russian tourists who arrived in Phuket alone. This number is more than half of the Russians who arrived in the whole of Thailand for 2016 and has outmatched all other major tourist spots in the kingdom, combined.

Advantages Of Booking At Rooftop Bar In Ho Chi Minh City

If you cannot stay at the top of the world, at least book in a hotel with a rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City to know how it feels like to be at the top. You can find several hotels in Ho Chi Minh but not all of them have roof decks where you can enjoy a bottle of drink or laze around while chatting with friends or a loved one. For a more enjoyable trip to Vietnam, choose a hotel that will give you a value added experience including the following advantages.

A chance to meet new friends

If you are the sociable type or you are looking for new friends to hang around with or share your tourist adventures, book in a hotel that provides venue for meeting interesting people. A posh hotel with a rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City is what you should be looking for. Being in a sunny city where everything is teeming with history, you need to get out and meet new people to make the experience even more worthwhile.Order a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer and strike a conversation with fellow hotel guests.

A breath-taking 360 degrees view

It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to take in the view of a city at 360 degrees and on top of buildings and even the entire city. Enjoy the panoramic view of Ho Chi Minh during the day or beneath the stars at night while enjoying its great city lights. The panoramic view that Ho Chi Minh city offers is just one of the reasons why you would fall in love with Saigon.

That luxurious feeling

Staying at the top where you can see most things give you a different high. This is one of the reasons why people love being at the top to enjoy the view. Lounging at a rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City gives you that same exalting feeling. You can enjoy such luxurious experience at Ho Chi Minh City by booking at a hotel that offers more than a comfortable stay.