Canvaspop Turns Prisma Photos To Wall Art

Prisma, an art photo filter application that launched last summer but got greater than 55 million downloads in just weeks, has led to a wave of other photo processing applications which all promise to convert selfies to art suitable for hanging on walls.

From photos to wall art

CanvasPop, a company that prints personal photos on canvas, spotted this opportunity to make money from this sudden rush of artsy selfies that appeared on Instagram and other platforms – and mentioned that is collaborating with Prisma to assist users in turning their photos to canvases.

It already offers a printing service for Facebook and Instagram photos. However, it is hoping that the trendy art filters of Prisma is going to lead to new orders, with its co-founder Adrian Salamunovic mentioning to TechCrunch last summer that it started getting “hundreds” of orders with painterly effects, that they attributed to Prisma.

He said that they are currently discussing with Prisma regarding an integration of CanvasPop’s API with Prisma’s Android and iOS apps.

CanvasPop allowed TechCrunch to try the Prisma print service.

Test by TechCrunch

According to TechCrunch, CanvasPop offered them a couple of print sizes in order to test its service: 20″ x 20″ or 12″ x 12″.

They chose the bigger sample size to check how the service is going to handle a larger blow-up. It resulted in a quite decent quality, according to TechCrunch.

According to them, the canvas has a sheen to it, which might be great or not for certain people.

The color reproduction looks off with tones being more saturated, they added.

Low-res images to bigger formats

Salamunovic mentioned that smaller print sizes usually lead to cleaner prints.

The biggest print in a fixed size that the website provides for the Prisma prints is at 61cm by 61cm. However, a custom order is possible.

Salamunovic said that they specialize in low resolution image printing to huge formats, and that they have been at it ever since 2009. They were the first to print the Instagram images in bigger formats.


This is definitely a great service to use for those that intend to have Photos on Canvas to hang on walls.

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