Cadillac XTS Limousines Converted To CNG For MGM Resorts International

Contrary to what people say about Bellagio Limousines, you can rent a limo even if you are not rich. Anyone can rent a limo for an event because there are no restrictions. There are even apps that make renting easy and very convenient. Is the price cost effective? Yes it is because a limo can accommodate as much as 15 passengers including the driver. Besides that, you are able to travel in comfort and class and you can arrive in an event in style.

MGM Resorts International, a Nevada-based gaming, hospitality and entertainment company and World CNG which is an alternative fuel technology provider have introduced to the United States the very first compressed natural gas (CNG) Cadillac XTS limousines. The luxury limousines are 22 feet in length and considered as the 3rd generation of CNG-fueled limousines in the MGM Resorts fleet.

The Cadillac XTS limousines are considered as stretch limousines and they are 70 inches longer than traditional limos. They are the first XTS limos that have been certified by Cadillac and the first-ever Cadillac XTS models to be converted to CNG. The conversion to CNG has resulted into a production of only 1/9th of the emissions of its predecessor, the discontinued gasoline-powered Lincoln Town Car limos.

Besides providing the highest standards in guest service, MGM Resorts continuously challenges the status quo in environmental sustainability. ARIA Resort and Casino was the first resort in the company that introduced the luxury limos to its fleet. At present, MGM Resorts has 31 CNG Cadillac XTS limousines servicing guests at ARIA, Bellagio Resort & Casino, MGM Grand Las Vegas and Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

According to Garret Alpers who is the President and CEO of World CNG, MGM Resorts aims to set a new standard for sustainability, safety and technology in its fleet with the CNG Cadillac limos. The one-of-a-kind limos are the products of passion for sustainability and environmental stewardship.

The new Cadillac XTS limos will join the family of other CNG vehicles in MGM Resorts luxury transportation portfolio. In 2013, World CNG in partnership with MGM Resorts has introduced the nation’s first ever commercial fleet composed of CNG Cadillac Escalades.

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