Boiler Of Port Townsend Damaged By Water From Broken Valve

According to the city manager, Mountain View Commons will be without heat and the municipal pool will be closed for the next three weeks because of the damages to their boiler. Roughly three weeks ago, a valve that is under the pool of Mountain View broke and flooded the room. According to the City Manager, David Timmons, the boiler that heats the facility and provides hot water to the pool was damaged.

The main operating panels of the boiler were damaged by the flood so there is no hot water except for the radio station and YMCA that has their own water heater units. In spite of the loss of heat, facilities like the Port Townsend Food Bank, Working Image and Port Townsend Police Station are still functioning. So far, there are no complaints from the residents. The coordinator of Port Townsend Food Bank, Shirley Moss said that the loss of heat has not affected their operations although they feel bad for the guys over at the pool.

Since there is an emergency, Port Townsend City Council immediately approved the replacement parts of the damaged boiler. They waived the usual procurement requirements so that the boiler will be fixed immediately. The entire project is expected to cost from $40,000 to $50,000 and this does not include the revenue from the closed municipal pool. The municipal pool is the only existing pool in Port Townsend.

The pool is usually shutdown during December for annual maintenance. The guys at the pool are making the most from the pool’s closure because it allowed them to handle maintenance a little bit earlier. The walls have been repainted including the ceiling and floors of the facility. The pool and locker rooms were also cleaned. The new parts of the boiler will arrive by Monday and the city wants to ensure that flood problems will not recur through the installation of alarm sensors.

When there is a need for boiler repairs, the best option is a boiler engineer with experience and the necessary knowledge on heating systems. It is also important to ensure that boiler repairs are undertaken by a Gas Safety registered boiler engineer.

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