Benefits Of Wheelchair-Accessible Limousine Transportation Services In Augusta

Limousines have been around since the advent of the industrial age, chauffeuring the country’s elite here and there. But of late, companies have come up which own and lease out limousines for short periods of time for everyone to have a taste of this luxury. High school students use this to go out for their prom nights and there are various other occasions such as weddings and funerals where limousines are used. But limousines, and cars in general have not been up to the mark when assisting disabled individuals, especially individuals who use wheelchairs. However there is now a car service Augusta which leases out limousines which have support for wheelchair disabled individuals. This now allows sick family members from hospitals to attend weddings in style.

These limousines have been made wheelchair accessible by the addition of some new features, most prominent of which are the ramp and restraints to keep the wheelchair in place inside the car. The features of these vehicles are listed below:

  • The floors of these vehicles are generally lower than the floors of most other vehicles to ensure that the ramp is not too steep and that the disabled individual might help themselves up the ramp.
  • The allocated space for the disabled individuals is in the front of the car next to the driver, so that he or she may ensure that all the restraints are safely in place before moving the car.
  • The door way for the entry of the wheelchairs is made quite large to allow the free movement of the wheelchair in and out of the car.
  • The ramp has anti-slip material so that the wheelchair doesn’t slip while climbing up or going down the ramp.
  • There is a universal restraint mechanism that can be used for any type of wheelchair.

Apart from the above features, these limousines from this car service Augusta does not compromise on the original features of the limousine, such as the use of CNG as fuel, seating for 8 passengers, customizable stereo audio equipment, custom lighting in the car, and LCD monitors adorning the interior walls. This transportation service in Augusta tries to include people with all types of disabilities and succeeds at it too.

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