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Fox News Launches New Look For Website

Last 12th of September, 2017, broadcasting giant, Fox News released a new on-screen appearance featuring new graphics and altered aesthetics. Soon after, the company also revealed that it reworked its website with a brand new look, with the two redesigns showing up in within a short time of each other.

The two debuts occurred within a week of each other, but according to John Fiedler, Fox News’ Senior VP of Digital, the two redesigns were separate projects, with the launches having occurred at about the same time as each other being a fortunate coincidence. The news company had worked on their redesigns independently, without sourcing it to third party companies such as Studio BKK, and had not been coordinating either redesigns to release within a short time of each other.

The website had gone online by the 18th of September, but small previews had already been available to visitors in the past, which was the network’s way of acquiring user feedback. According to Fiedler, the site’s home page was where most people found out about content, so they wanted to ensure that they had time to really see how people responded to the previews of the redesign.

The redesigned look gives more space for videos taken from the TV news broadcasts, making them more noticeable and prominent, which was stated to be a main goal for the redesign. The lead story now takes up a considerable amount of real estate of the front page, and comes with an embedded video, plus links to related coverage.

Farther down are where the categories are found, spanning the width of the page, plus a left column for videos that comes with a live stream of the Fox News channel itself.

Overall, the redesign focuses on ensuring an aspect of web design that all web design companies such as StudioBKK adhere to: ensuring cross-platform compatibility. The new aesthetic features similarities to the new look of Fox News on TV, but the website redesign was focused primarily on how this new site design would work across platforms.

With the new design having gone live, Fox News is working on keeping track of the metrics, such as content consumption and engagement. They have yet to offer details regarding the numbers, though.

Upstate Carolina Welcomes Trend In Tiny Houses

Debbie Stansfield is one of the locals that decided to choose a tiny house located at the Lake Walk Tiny Home Community which is close by the Lake Cunningham. She shared that the decision helped her build a closer relationship with God. While many in Thailand are wishing for a luxury house in Phatthanakan, the tiny house trend is starting to grow like wildfire in Upstate Carolina.

A few years back, Stansfield was living with her late husband in their 3,000 square foot property. Their children are already adults and having families of their own. Stansfield happily shared that she used to have a talk with her husband about moving into a tiny house but her husband keep answering that a tiny house would mean their children will not be able to come back.

Due to health problems, the Greer couple decided to move into a one-story home spanning only 1,800 and they have an acre of lawn to take care of. Not much time after their move has passed when her husband died. They have five kids with a total of 14 grandchildren and two great-grandkids.

It was her grandson that made her realize that the property is not the right one for her so she decided to downsize into one of the tiny homes that are currently in trend. Stansfield is currently residing in Greenville County at a tiny house located at the property of Randy Hanson. She shared that her move is like a wakeup call from God that it is the right time for her.

Randy Hanson is a native of South Dakota and he has been residing in South Carolina for the last 20 years. He shared that he has always been fond of building tree houses as well as forts. He was able to share his dad’s passion in constructing residential homes. He was 20 years old when he build his first house and he has been doing the same thing ever since.

He was planning to make an RV park out of their property which is 15 acres but his wife and daughter said that it would be better to turn it into a neighbourhood of tiny house thus the birth of Lake Walk Tiny Home Community. Locals in Thailand who are wishing to have a luxury house in Phatthanakan should take a page from Stansfield book and consider settling in a smaller property as long as it meets their needs.

Hot Deals On Offer At Sukhumvit S15, A Stylish Boutique Hotel In Asoke, Bangkok

Some of the best boutique hotels are hidden in remote parts of cities. But the Sukhumvit S15 strikes a bold statement, as it is a stylish boutique hotel in Asoke, Bangkok. Located just a stone’s throw away from the Asoke BTS, this boutique hotel offers amazing connectivity to the rest of the city, and exemplary connectivity to the many nooks and crannies in Asoke itself.The boutique hotel is now looking to ramp up its services by offering new deals for its customers. There are three deals currently on offer, providing above par services in a nearly perfect hotel. They are the “Early Bird Promotion” offer, the “Get! Executive Price” offer and the “Super Hot Deal” offer.

  • Early Bird Promotion: If you’ve charted out your trip to Bangkok well in advance of your departure date, and are looking for an amazing and stylish boutique hotel to stay at, this is the hotel for you. In order to avail this offer, the customer will need to book just 30 days in advance, and they will have the option to get a discount of upto 26%. Not only this, you can also avail other services such as a free buffet breakfast, free WiFi, and a fruit platter when you enter the hotel.
  • Get! Executive Price: In order to get the best prices for the 4 rooms on offer, you can avail this offer and book directly with the hotel. Although, booking agencies offer additional benefits such as insurance and the ability to avail offers from hotels around the world, the “Get! Executive Price” offer will ensure that you get the best prices at the stylish boutique hotel in Asoke, Bangkok. The only prerequisite is that you book 30 days in advance.
  • Super Hot Deal!:This deal combines the best of both worlds, and lets you avail both the above offers simultaneously. Booking directly with the hotel, a customer can avail free breakfast buffet, free WiFi in all the rooms, and many more advantages. All of this, combined with the low prices offered by the “Get! Executive Price” deal, make this deal the best one for all the customers.

Trap System Developed To Reduce Population of Cane Toad

A cattle property in Queensland is following the footsteps of establishments in other parts of the country such as those hiring Sydney pest control in order to reduce the number of pests in their area. In this case, the cattle property decided to be the first to try the new method in eradicating cane toads. The method made use of the toad’s own toxin which kills thousands of tadpoles.

The owners of the 7,000 hectares cattle property located in Goondicum, Monto are Rob and Nadia Campbell. They decided to road test the bait traps which is found be eco-friendly.

Ms. Campbell said that they are currently conducting a trial with the baits to lessen the population of cane toads by killing them while they are still in their tadpole phase. They found the method to be more efficient compared to catching the toads one by one.

She added that being able to eliminate thousand of tadpole means they are creating a big impact on the breeding cycle of the toads.

Researchers from University of Sydney and University of Queensland are the ones responsible in developing the traps. They are utilizing the deadly toxin of the cane toads in order to attract their tadpoles and trap them at the same time.

According to Professor Rob Capon, a researcher at the IMB or UQ Institute for Molecular Bioscience, the discovery came after they found out that tadpoles are looking for the eggs of the toads in order to eat them. They concluded that the eggs must be setting free some kind of chemical that attract the tadpoles as soon as they detect it. This is the reason why they can locate the eggs despite the condition of the waters. After finding them, Professor Capon said that they eat them.

The researchers were able to find out that the chemical is actually the toxins that the toads emit. This is the same toxin placed by the adult female into the eggs.

The researchers recreated the smell and placed inside a trap to kill thousands of tadpoles at ones. They are expecting that it will take many years before Sydney pest control will be able to avail this product in the commercial market.

4 Considerations In Hiring Contractor For Pest Control In Newcastle

Having pests and insects around can easily damage your property and investments. The replacement of appliances and furniture are way more costly than hiring a reputable contractor for performs pest control in Newcastle or within the area. To ensure that you will get optimum service results and the type of output commensurate to your money’s worth, conduct a good search for reliable service providers. Here are some qualifications of a reliable contractor.

Licensed and trained

The first thing that you should check from an exterminator is his license and its validity. Aside from its validity, find out if the technician is licensed to operate in your area. Checking these details is importantas they will protect your best interest in cases there are mishaps or fault in the delivery of service. You can easily file a complaint or go after the contractor if you are not satisfied with the service. Check the specialization of the company including the exterminator that they sent to you. You might want to validate the contractor’s license from the local pesticide regulatory office. Find out if the contractor is equipped with liability insurance.

Seek for referrals

Find out if you have friends or neighbours who recently sought for pest control service. Seek information if they were satisfied with the service and if they will recommend the contractor to you. Get first-hand information by asking your friends or by talking to previous customers of the company. You might also want to check from Better Business Bureau for the company’s rating.

Years of experience

Prefer a company for pest control in Newcastlethat has extensive number of years in the business. Longer years in the industry means that the company is experienced enough with a good number of satisfied customers. Otherwise, they would not last in the industry with positive reputation.

Impressive customer service

Choose a company that specialises on pest control in Newcastle with excellent customer service. The customer service representatives should be knowledgeable, good-mannered and accommodating to their customers. The representative should also be able to provide accurate information to their customers especially in providing money-saving tips.

Forest Green Moving To A New Training Ground: Has A Fake Grass In Field

To begin with, we are now living in the age where everything can now be mass produced and even, imitated. You see, everyone wants to get their hands on almost everything that can be bought by money and we all know that prices have been horribly jacking up like there’s no more tomorrow. Fortunately, there are now artificial methods which can enable more industries to complete more products and eventually, earn more profits for their respective businesses. In the healthcare industry for example, patients who are amputees, meaning they’ve lost their arm or limb due to a terrible accident, can now opt to have an artificial arm or leg attached to them. In fact, this specific service has been massively popular even to those who belong to the middle sector of the society precisely because of the fact that these artificial body parts have enabled these amputees to continue living their normal lives as if they haven’t been involved in a terrible accident that caused them their original body parts. Aside from artificial and robotic arms and legs that are also labelled as fake body parts, the use of fake grass has also been emerging as a popular trend not just in home gardens but also in sports fields such as the football stadium.

According to a news article which was published last July 3, 2017, the Forest Green Rovers have decided to move to a training ground. Originally, the soccer team, a team who is recently identified by FIFA as the world’s greenest team, used to hold their training sessions at the Royal Agricultural University during the last few years. Now, they are holding their training sessions at the Stanley Park in Chippenham. The said training ground is a 47-acre state-of-the-art which has a FIFA 3G floodlit fake grass pitch, changing rooms and yes, it also has a great number of refectory facilities so the team won’t need to go out of the training ground just to get their stomach filled whenever they get hungry from the training exercises. The Rovers said that the facilities at Stanley Park are known to be of a high standard and they believe that their new training ground will play an important role as they prepare to enter their first season in the league.

Encourage Team Building With These Methods

A company will do better if the employees are performing their best and motivated. One way to ensure this is to organize team-bonding activities that will encourage the workers. Experts give their take on how to encourage employees to join in team building activities.

There should be a regular town hall meeting conducted to make sure that everyone is always connected. According to the head of human resources at Chillr, JubinShaju, town halls ensure that there is transparency and every employee has a clear understanding of their purpose in the organization. With this, everyone will function on the same side and will result to an overall positive performance.

Majority of employees think that their work is harder compared to other levels or department but what they fail to realize is that every role comes with unique challenges. This is why the CEO of Naaptol, Manu Agarwal, recommends that it is ideal for team members to explore other branches in the company and experience other roles. This will result to a various benefits such as a new perspective in every employee and team as a whole. This will also promote empathy among staff and teams are more likely to collaborate having experienced one another’s roles. Practicing all of this will ensure a more cohesive work place.

Agarwal added that recognition is another essential tool in managing teams. This will ensure that the workforce will remain loyal and motivated to do their work. Employees are more likely to bond if due recognition is given to each and everyone.

Working in a company means formality but it should not be practiced at all times. There are instances wherein getting personal with people you work with will benefit the workplace. Agarwal said that bonds are developed when employees and teams participate in outdoor activities. After immersing themselves in team bonding activities, they will come back to work with higher level of motivation and the entire unit will be tighter than before. It is not unusual to have misunderstanding and stress while at work and organizing recreational activities is one way to remove these barriers.