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The Future Of Twilight Series Concerts In Los Angeles

Classified ads sites are used by individuals and businesses to post their products and services knowing that many people prefer to browse the listing when they need something. The online sites also allow concert & music events in Los Angeles to post so that can gather an audience. The trick in using classified ads is to look for the most established ones that have gained an online presence.

In a special meeting, the members of Santa Monica Pier Corporation tried to evaluate the programming of Santa Monica Pier for the future particularly the free summer Twilight Concert Series. The agenda of the meeting involved the future of Twilight Concert Series that provides entertainment for Los Angeles for the past 33 years. The free beachside concert series which was usually hosted freefeatures different musicians.

Since the popularity of the concert series has grown, the organizers have to face the challenges of security and infrastructure since the crowds have grown as well. The concerts have become more accessible to the diverse audience of Los Angeles because of the recent opening of Expo Line Metro Shop.

In 2017, the performances in the concert series were reduced from 10 to 8 because of the rising costs for security protocols that were required by the city government. Mandated security costs increased from $50,000 to $1 million. There was also a 25% increase in attendance. It is unclear whether there will be additional cutbacks this season like intentionally booking concert artists that draw smaller crowds or shifting the season to fall wherein the overall crowds in Santa Monica are fewer.

Audiences will not be pleased with the additional cutbacks because they are expecting their favorite musicians at the concerts. There are those that have expressed their desire to cancel the concert series because of security concerns.

While it is true that you can post concert& music events in Los Angeles in classified ads sites, it is important to write an ad that can grab the attention of your audience on the limited space allowed by the site. Always develop a catchy ad while dealing effectively with the limitations.

Computer Repairs In Perth Overcharging Simple Laptop Repairs

It has been revealed that a number of luxury electronics retailers exceedingly charge customers for simple laptop repairs.

There has been an investigation done into how the quality of computer repairs in Perth have come out. A simple software fault was installedonto 24 laptops, and as a result they will not boot up or open.

Unknown shoppers then brought these laptops to repair departments of six various luxury shops, and six independent shops. Six other Apple stores also handled repairs for MacBooks.

Throughout the inspection, five unknown shoppers had to pay more thanAUS$179 for a repair that should have cost less than AUS$90.

For the same repair at a luxury branch, it cost them AUS$304. The customer was offered an unnecessary new hard drive and had a reinstallation of the wrong version of operating system.

Furthermore, none of the computer repairs in Perth successfully repaired the laptops in their local shops, and only 40% of the laptops were properly repaired.

In nine cases, the technician failed to repair the laptops completely. Seven unknown shoppers were persuaded to buy unnecessary new hard drives and one lost all their data.

According to a magazine editor, “It’s quite surprising that major high-end retailers for computer repairs in Perth fail to handle such basic repair issues and charge people with exuberant rates for their services.”

“We want to witness improved staff training and repair procedures so technicians can really handle the problem and people feel confident that they receive the required services.”

A spokesperson from a prominent shop said the company was dismayed by their response to these unknown shoppers.

“We almost fix 8000 laptops every week, with 97% success rate, and it is such overpowering that customers are satisfied with the way we deliver work,” he said. “However, we will take this into account and deliver a better service in the future.”

According to the magazine editor, there are few consumers who can do repairs for their own broken laptops. If the computer won’t open, you just need to run a recovery or installation disk. Here you can find helpful repair tools. This will save money than bringing them to computer repairs in Perth that do all kinds of stuff on their laptops.

Thriving Illegal Orchid Trade In Southeast Asia

There is a high demand for Thai orchids all over the world because of its unique appearance, shape, color and long lifespan. The flowers are used as décor for weddings, to freshen up the environment in the backyard garden or to express a feeling. For those who wish to buy the exotic flowers, Thailand orchid wholesale is the best option to enjoy the best quality plants for a reasonable price.

The sad thing however is the reports of an existing illegal trade in Southeast Asia that threatens thriving orchid exports. According to the study made by wildlife trade monitoring network, TRAFFIC and the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), tens of thousands of rare orchids are illegally traded through Thailand’s borders every year without domestic harvest permits.

The study which is also based on the research made by Dr. Jacob Phelps of Lancaster University said that 16% of the orchid species observed is classified under the category of threatened species or species that can only be found in small populations in specific areas. It is believed that the threat is much higher than reported since conservation status assessments were not yet conducted on the species encountered.

Illegal trading of ornamental orchids in Southeast Asia has identified Chatuchak Market in Bangkok as the regional centre for botanical trading. Many of the orchids that are being sold are rare and have been illegally harvested. Chatuchak Market is notorious for being a major market for illegal trading of a wide variety of plants and animals.

Orchids are the most protected plants in the world because it is unusual, beautiful and fragrant. Since there is clear evidence on the existence of open illegal trade, it is important to take botanical and conservation measures seriously. Based on interviews of plant harvesters, traders and middlemen, there exists a significant illegal international trade from Lao PDR and Myanmar to Thailand because of the demand for wild ornamental plants.

Instead of buying from illegal orchid traders, a better option is Thailand orchid wholesale that guarantees the high quality of plants being sold. The best prices are offered for orchids, tropical plants, greenery and foliage including other flowering plants.

How To Choose Wedding Caterers In Sydney

You can easily find wedding caterers in Sydney but you can never be sure which of them offers more value for your money. To get an idea on the caterer’s service excellence, read customer testimonials at the caterer’s website. Find out if they offer high quality, affordable and sumptuous food options. Apart from that, here are some important things to check to help you in your decision-making.

Healthy food options

Visit the caterer’s website to find out what their offered menu are. Of all the caterer’s that you can choose from, select one that offers healthy food such as vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan and seafood. Choose a catering company that organically grows their own ingredients and uses local products to support farmers. Aside from offering healthy dishes, the caterer should be able to customize their menu based on their customer’s requirements and preferences.

Fresh ingredients

Choose a catering company that guarantees the use of nothing but the freshest ingredients that they have organically grown. Using fresh and succulent ingredients will affect the quality and taste of the food delivered by wedding caterers in Sydney during your event. Another aspect to consider is the presentation of food. The dishes should be appetizingto the guests as it is one of the things that will add up to the wedding experience. For more ideas on how satisfying the food presentation is, call some of the former customers of the wedding caterer for direct feedback.

Balanced dishes

Take a good look at the offered menu of wedding caterers in Sydney to ensure that you will get a well-balanced food on your wedding. Choose the type of food with good combination of the right amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates. The desserts should also be healthy with reduced amount of sugar. Find out if you have vegan or vegetarian friends so you can order the type of food suited for them. This way, everyone gets to enjoy dishes that are acceptable to their health preferences. Get a mixture of menu that will suit the health buffs and the sugar lover, the strictly vegans and the red meat eaters.

How A Sydney Wedding Planner Plans To Be A One-Stop Shop?

A new Sydney wedding planner is looking into finding a couple’s dream wedding venue.

Ever since their launch this year, WedShed has assisted around 26,000 people to find the best place to hold their wedding – be it in the Victorian high country or the Adelaide Hills.

The goal is to ease out the stress of planning a wedding and how visible the wedding venues are in localized areas.

Co-partner Amy Lucas tells StartupSmart their platform helps create unique venues so that engaged couples can spend more time and energy on planning other facets of their wedding day.

“We realized that it was really difficult to find wedding venues that met our standards,” she says.

“When my co-founder Mel and I got engaged with our respective partners, we needed to bridge the gap to find a distinctive space that we can style and reflect the couple’s personality.”

“The platform has now more venues, which we aim to have more.”

“I think it’s really hard to sell these areas, but the good thing is having these venues know our idea,” she says.

“It’s really a boomerang as some couples struggle to find us online and through word of mouth, they get to know us. A lot of Sydney wedding planner are trying to reach the top in Google to be easily found by other engaged couples.”

As to their plans for the startup, Lucas says she and her co-founder will focus on creating a vendor directory for all venues that are willing to work with them.

“We have received more responses from sellers such as stylists and photographers. They have approached us to get them involved in all these wedding preparations,” she says.

“We have initiated banner ads on our site, and it really had them thinking that it can surely benefit them. So if the seller says she can service NSW, Victoria or Queensland, they will need to enter their profile and be integrated with our business. We definitely want to be a one-stop shop.”

Lucas has also called the attention of the government to turn same sex marriage legal. This should help a Sydney wedding planner to gain more prospects for their business.

How To Choose A Software For Your Chef At Chef Mod

One of the most important staff in your restaurant is your chef. The chef is the key to getting more customers. If you chef can prepare fast and sumptuous dishes, you can be sure that your customers will be coming back regularly and would even advertise your establishment through word of mouth. To provide your chef the ingredients that he needs and for him to prepare the dishes faster, have a software such as the one offered by Chef Mod to make his job easier along with your other staff.

A software specifically designed for chefs provides a steady supplies of stocks and ingredients to your chef, will organize the recipes and update them when there are changes in prices and amount of ingredient, canvass commodity prices, search for suppliers for fresh ingredients and many other functions that will keep your chef worry-free and focused on his main job which is preparing food for your customers. With the right software such as from Chef Mod, all you have to do is wait for the delivery of stocks and that’s it. No more shopping, no more negotiating, no more haggling. If you are to provide a software for your chef, consider the following aspects.


The software should be easy to use even by those who are not computer savvy or adept with the internet. It should have a navigable, clear interface with tabs that are easy to find and unambiguous.


Another excellent feature of chef software is it offers utmost convenience to users. Since it is cloud-based, your chef, your manager and those with permission can access certain pages or the entire system. Your staff can access it anytime and anywhere. With customer support available for 7 days a week including nights, you will have a team to call for assistance.


Of the many software available such as the chef software by Chef Mod, choose one that offers more value for your money. With a chef software, you can do away with hiring additional staff because you have a software system that will provide your business operation requirements for you.

Federal Tax Return Preparers Reminded To Renew Their PTINs

For those who have never experienced obtaining a Tax ID, the process seems confusing. This is partly because the IRS online application form is full of unclear directions. Many new business owners are afraid to make mistakes in the application form. An option for new businesses is Texas Online Application Form that has quicker turnaround time than the government website.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is reminding the nation’s 720,000+ federal tax return preparers regarding the renewal of their Preparer Tax Identification Numbers (PTINs) for 2018 because their current PTINs are due to expire by December 31, 2017. Federal tax return preparer is anyone who prepares or helps prepare federal tax returns or claims for refunds from compensation.

Every federal tax return preparer must have valid PTINs from the IRS. The PTIN will be used as identification number for the tax returns they have prepared. Failure to have PTIN can result into penalties for the preparers. If renewal is made as early as possible, the preparer can avoid the rush.

Renewal of PTINs takes only a few minutes online. Those who have forgotten have their passwords can make use of online tools for assistance. First time registration can also be done online without any fees. On the other hand, non-credited tax preparers are encouraged to undertake continuing education courses to increase their knowledge and improve their readiness for the filing season.

Participation in the voluntary IRS Annual Filing Season Program generally requires 18 hours of continuing education including a course in basic tax filing issues and updates, ethics and other federal tax law courses. The IRS Annual Filing Season Program is the filing season qualification while enrolled agent program provides professional status. Enrolled agent credential is the elite credential provided by IRS to tax professionals that demonstrate special competence in federal tax planning.

For businesses, the Texas Tax ID is very important because it will be required in numerous situations associated to running the business. Businesses can access the Texas Online Application Form through the IRS website or other online resources. Simplified Tax ID application forms from online resources are easier to comprehend and provide you with everything you need.