Aussie Designers Of Wedding Dresses Expecting The Pippa Middleton Effect

If you think about Rebecca Judd, you might remember the effect on Australians after her wedding day. Everyone wanted to have the same wedding dress as her. The same thing is expected by Aussie based wedding dress designers after the wedding of Pippa Middleton was over. It expected to drive a trend in ordinary brides looking to wed in Australia. Not just the dress but party equipment hire in Melbourne are all bracing themselves for the Pippa Middleton’s wedding effect.

A day after the wedding, Australian wedding dress designers admitted that they have already prepared themselves for an influx of bridal gown requests inspired by Pippa’s wedding dress.

The sister of the Duchess of Cambridge wore to her wedding day a design by Giles Deacon. The dress comes with a high neck and the sleeves are capped and decorated with silk cotton lace by hand. The overall look was seamless.

Helen Manuell, a bridal couturier in Australia, said that there will be brides who will be asking for elements used in the wedding dress of Pippa Middleton in the coming weddings.

She added that many brides will want to covet that demure look without compromising the fashion sense of today’s era. The beauty of the gown took the eyes of the audience on her capped sleeve because it showed of how great her arm muscles are. It complemented well with the athletic body of Pippa Middleton and the sleeve is pretty much calling for attention.

She also divulged that there are many Australian girls that are still pinning for the wedding dress worn by Judd back in 2010 which was designed by J’Aton. Up to this day, it remains to be the most requested inspiration by brides when it comes to covered silhouette.

She admitted that many of the brides would not be willing to go for the capped sleeves and she would be thrilled to see them to see try something new.

One thing is for sure, wedding dress designers as well as party equipment hire in Melbourne is already preparing for requests from brides-to-be to complete their Pippa Middleton inspired wedding.

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