Auction For A Wedding Venue Stopped After Management Filed For Bankruptcy

A day before a well-known wedding venue located in Elk Neck is to be sent to the auction block, a bankruptcy filing was made in order to stop the property from being sold.

The wedding venue located in Elk Neck is called The Winery and it is owned by Simon Tusha from Forest Hill who is a former executive in Google. The operator of the place is Gretchen, Simon’s own wife. The venue was suddenly closed down in August of this year without notice from the owners. There are already dozens of couple who have already paid for their wedding to be held there and now they have no wedding to look forward to. After the venue has closed, the news spread all over the region and the media decided to visit The Winery located at 88 Rivers Edge Road where there is now a closed sign hanging on the gate. Alternative businesses are already trying to reach the couples who have lost their booking in order to arrange new venues.

Elk Manor’s fate was caused by the guilty plea made by Tusha in a case regarding federal tax fraud. The plea was made by Tusha last May 20 which confirmed that he conspired in obstructing and impeding the IRS. In return, the government lost almost $1 million in terms of tax returns. Worried couples voiced their anxiety over the case but Tusha reassured them that it will have no impact on the operation of The Winery when in fact it received a huge blow. Due to the legal case that he is facing, the almost $5 million loan that they got from BB&T Bank has been set into default. After which, creditors along with a number of couples coming from Harford and Cecil county are trying to find judgments for the business which led to its foreclosure.

The property with a total land area of 150 acres which is consist of a winery, two event halls, four residential building, two barns and two offices has already been scheduled for auction by the Cecil County Circuit Courthouse. It was prevented after Tusha decided to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 11.

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