Are Thai Companies Prepared For The Innovative Era Of Thailand 4.0?

Thailand 4.0 was launched by the government as the new flagship policy to make sure that it will become a high-income nation in 5 years. Thai businesses recognize Thailand 4.0 as a new engine for growth that will drive the economy forward through technology and innovations that will ensure that Thailand produces high value added products and services.

However is the country prepared for Thailand 4.0? Officials and industry analysts are doubtful because of several factors that include lack of technical expertise and skilled workers. Thailand still lacks experts and specialists particularly in high tech industries that can push the modernization of the nation. Some companies do not have the necessary manpower with the skills and ingenuity to handle requisite machines.

Besides that, Thailand still needs to develop and improve its internet facilities so that the number of online users will generate Thailand 4.0’s expected online transactions. Fast internet connectivity is required by consumers for ecommerce transactions, online marketing and online financial transactions. Based on Thailand’s statistics, only 56% of the 68 million Thais can access the internet. This is a major obstacle to the country’s efforts to push Thailand 4.0.

According to a survey made by global employment services Manpower Group, Thailand is not yet prepared for Thailand 4.0 because of the lack of qualified and trained workforce. Most of the workers are still stuck in the past with almost half of the population without internet access. Employers and employees have to make adjustments to be more flexible because Thailand 4.0 requires being able to work from anywhere without a fixed office.

Another major problem of Thailand 4.0 is bureaucracy in the government. The attitude of civil servants must change if they want the nation to move forward to Thailand 4.0. Furthermore, with very little investment in high tech industries, the nation will find it difficult to move the nation to the innovative era of 4.0.

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