Air Asia Adds Direct Phuket-Macao Flights Daily 

Thailand’s hotels like the exclusive 5 star resort in Phuket have received the greatest accolades from experienced travellers because of their world-class quality. Hotels in other parts of the world like Europe and America offer the same amenities if not more; however, the luxury hotels in Phuket have the beautiful environment as their backdrop.

Thai AirAsia (TAA) has started on the once daily Macao-Phuket flights to meet the growing tourist demand in both destinations. According to Celia Lao, chief executive of AirAsia for Hong Kong and Macao, the airline received positive responses from both sides because Macao is a popular destination for Thai tourists and Phuket is considered by the Chinese and international travellers as the perfect island paradise.

The direct connection will make it very convenient for both sides to travel. Macao locals, expatriates and Chinese from the Mainland are invited to visit the island paradise of Phuket and experience its beaches and delicious cuisine. For an amazing price, a tourist from Macao can easily reach Phuket without hassle.

AirAsia flying directly from Phuket to Macao is expected to become a popular route that will bridge the two popular tourist destinations. The move is considered an attempt to further strengthen TAA’s Phuket base. AirAsia, the largest low-cost carrier in Thailand started its operations on the Phuket-KhonKaen route last December 22. At present 11 routes are being operated by TAA out of the southern island resort with 6 international flights and 5 local flights.

Aside from the Phuket-Macao route, there are also TAA direct flights to Macao from Thailand. This includes the 4 daily flights from Don Mueang to Macao, daily flight from Chiang Mai to Macao and the 4 times a week flight from U-Tapao to Macao. The additional flight is welcome news to tourists who want efficiency and convenience when they travel.

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